Blue and Red Lights

Most people have probably heard this story already if they see me..but..It’s a fun story to tell…unfortunately..there won’t be any photos though, but you’ll understand why after you read the story =D (it’s a bit long…so have fun!)

Well, on a random Thursday night, my friends/bro, and I were all was about midnight when Jane decided that we should go get bubble tea! At first..I wasn’t up for the plan but..heck why not? Khang was super tired, but I convinved him to go and we even took his car. He was too tired to drive though, so I ended up with the keys of his truck.

Since I was driving his truck, I drove extra careful. I’m always a bit more cautious when I’m in someone elses car since I know there are sooo many liability issues, so I was keen to drive the exact speed limit, do full stops and yada yada. Well..we loaded up the car, in the front was me..then Khang in passenger seat, my bro behind me, Jane in the middle, and Matt on the far right if you’re faceing the dash.

We headed off to get bubble tea! And for some reason…lately, there have been a strange, and amazing amount of cops on the roads, so as we exited, I saw a cop sitting and scanning at the side of the road. We drove to 2 bubble tea places to find them closed…we mistakened the date and thought it was Friday, so the bubble tea shops had just closed…so we headed back.

As I got off the exit, I noticed that a cop car was following me amazingly close >___> And he had some crazy white- strobe light on as well. I didn’t really know what to do though..since it wasn’t the typical blue and red I knew for a fact that I didn’t do anything wrong. THEN…he backs away and drives to the right of the car, peering in and looking at us all in the eyes O____O then he drops behind me again, and goes to the left of me and does the same thing…WtF??

Well…he then went behind me and turns on the blue and red lights…the road was under extreme construction and cutting off lanes everywhere so I pulled over on the left. The cop comes up to my window and I hand him my license, and he ask where we were heading, and I told him straight out that we were going to get bubble tea haha. Well, he informs us that our truck fits the describtion of a vehicle being used in the area for an abduction, and our truck also happened to be full of people >___< He then goes to the back window and looks at tiny Jane, sitting in the middle of two boys and ask, if she is doing alright and how old she was…HAhahahha…

ah…so in the was all a huge mistake >___< My first time getting pulled over…do I look like a kidnapper? Or does Khangs truck just look like one? haha …..too bad I couldn’t take pics 😉


6 thoughts on “Blue and Red Lights

  1. hahaha omg hilarious- jane told me this story– i’m sorry, you must have been freaked out, but looking back at it, it’s funny now yeah?

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