Camping 2009

Lake Crescent

Perhaps this is the start of an annual camping trip for me! From Tuesday to Thursday, a crew and I went camping at the Olympic National Park on Fairholm Campgrounds.

The trip was fun as ever and the best part was that there weren’t that many mosquitos there! I came out with less than 10 mosquito bites easily! Oh! and also…Jane and I proved that you can go car-camping and be fully loaded in our small sedan vehicles once again =) Although, we did end up switching to Khangs truck in the end since we can basically only fit 4 ppl and it would be silly to not utilize his truck.  One of the most memorable parts of camping was just like my last camp trip because we had an amazing view of the lake and starry night sky without the worries of city lights =)

Driving to Fairholm campgrounds. You’re looking at Lake Crescent =)

There were tons of highlights to the trip…like Jane swimming all the way to and back from this far away log, Bruce getting together the rescue team, Khang flipping over the canoe, the delicious food,  the drive back in traffic >__< haha, and getting the wrong tent from Anthony (the tent was suppose to hold 6 people..instead..he gave us one that held 2.. lol….) overall though, a successful camping trip!

Picnic near the lake

Near our tents

Summer 2009 ❤

The campers wasn’t REALLY camping, but it was car-camping and I absolutely love it =)

4 thoughts on “Camping 2009

  1. now the question is… better this year or last year? haha jk i cant choose. both had its great highlights 🙂

    yay. where to go next time?!

  2. lily- whooey ill def check it out regularly!

    janeembe: HMmMmm…maybe we should start planning now! haha.. we’ll prob jsut do the night before again lol

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