Congrats to Mike & Dianne

Just last year, my friends Dianne and Mike got engaged in Hawaii. It’s incredible to think that time has passed by so quickly and their wedding day came by almost by surprise.

Last Saturday, the girls had a bachelorette party, and the boys did their bachelor thing. For both sides, I’ve only heard good and clean stories 😉

Yesterday was their actual wedding. With little food in the bride, groom, and wedding party, we still had a night to remember haha =) I had fun, I laughed, I got teary eyed, and I ended the night full of stories.  What a better way to spend a day……ok I was going to write more but the bride just called me to go get breakfast with the gang hahaha, so let’s just end it on this note…CONGRATS!! I wish you guys all the best!

I do… (photo by Symons)

First dance

I love you guys!! congrats again! you guys both looked so good last night! Now…when you guys get a house..invite me over pleaseee…With all that kitchenware…I’m expected some yummy food 😉

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