A BBQ Get Together

This year is full of BBQ’s for me and I absolutely love it. I haven’t had any proper sleep this whole month, and those BBQ’s don’t help either, especially since I always stay up extremely late and wake up early…but then again….it’s definitely well worth it every time =)

Last night, Meesha held a BBQ at her house and gee-willickers, was it nice to see everyone again. With the difficulty of getting all of our schedules together, I hadn’t seen some people since at least graduation! and the familiar and comfortable environment that is between us all, was definitely missed.

Oh, I love summer nights

Not everyone was surrounding the fire pit..lol boys..

I decided to do light paints! here are some successful ones =D I drew this one

Jane drew this one =D

Our..candid photo >___<

And..the night ended with arm wrestling haha

I had fun!…but I think I gotta get some sleep. I slept at 2:30 last night? woke up at 6. I’ve had prob 20 hours of sleep since sunday? perhaps less…..


5 thoughts on “A BBQ Get Together

  1. have not had bbq for over 10 years!!

    RYC: yea i know it’s harsh love but still if my mother can always tell me to change to be a better person since i studied so much, why can’t she too? this is my argument. 🙂 oh well updated blog.

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