The 4th

Yea… I admit it..I SUCK at keeping up with my blog this year. Trying to balance my time with friends, family and school has taken my time away from the computer besides when I go on to check mail or do homework >____< I haven’t done a movie review in AGES.. I’ll need to get back to that.

Well, let’s do a quick update!

On Friday, Khang gathered Matt and Symons at my house to head over to Boom City with my bro and I. We had 5 people in Khang’s truck..but since we wanted Jane to come with us, we dropped by her work and picked her us, cramming 4 people in the back =D My bro rocked Boom City and got a bunch of good deals as he bargained his way through stand to stand.

Once Saturday came, people came over and we started our BBQ, which was enriched with steak, burgers, pork, and kalbi! We spent part of the time cooking, a part of it play-boxing each other, lighting fireworks and ended the night with video games..or in my case, sleeping =)

I’ll admit that I wasn’t big on doing the 4th at my house, since previous years ended up in big scares as we shot mortars under cars, into garages and so on and so forth. Thankfully, this was a safe and easy going July 4th at my house, with lots of beautiful fireworks that filled the entire sky=] This is the first July 4th at my house, where I didn’t burn my hand or make holes in my shirt =D

As I ran up close to take a picture of the fountains, Jane ran to jump in front haha

Khang and I;  Saturn missiles are going off

This year is completely different than last year. Last year was full of new adventures and traveling; definitely a fulfilling year to remember. This year, has been relatively calm as school stuff has been consuming my life and limiting my activities…yet it’s still been extremely fun because of the company =)  Once I’m done with school and officially graduated…let’s go somewhere or do something!


4 thoughts on “The 4th

  1. janeemebe: I know…..i suck at this blog thing >__<

    renaye: haha you make a very valid point

    lilly: =D I was most excited for the sparklers this year so I could draw cool things haha, I have school + work til like 5 m-th, free after that thoo

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