A quick 4 years

With the exception that I have to do summer school since I got behind a quarter by being in DC for my internship, I am now a college graduate! It’s amazing how fast time flew.

I can vividly remember freshmen year of college and living in the dorms. Dorm life was hectic but it also created an amazing opportunity toward friendships. Sophomore year wasn’t so memorable for some reason… Yet..the year passed by without any hesitation. Junior year was full of 21st birthday parties, playing the game of chess, an internship, and traveling. Then last but not least…my senior year was graced with the opportunity to go to leave my university after 1 quarter and spend a semester in DC trying something new and meeting more amazing people.

I’ve now been back for a month..and just attended commencement and held a  BBQ celebration to follow up. It’s so surreal to think that I will soon be an alumni. College has been so good to me and I will undoubtedly miss it.

Congrats everyone!! 4 quick years =) and we’ve made it!

Sitting together at graduation

Family Support ❤

Friend support ❤

Now I just have to finish up summer school, and it’s all official! Congratulations 2009 graduates!! Also, thank you everyone for all your support throughout the years and for those who came out to my graduation =) Now…on a serious note..who wants to hire me?? lol

5 thoughts on “A quick 4 years

  1. Congrats Congrats Congrats~!!
    So sad I missed sitting smiling being with all of you at graduation. We started it together and it’s so sad not to finish together. I will soon join you guys as graduates though 🙂

  2. shoot, i know you are talking about me about the support so you are just so welcome 😉 Haha jk, I just had to say that.

    Seriously though, CONGRATS! Let’s hang out soon!

  3. Pris: Joining the jobless graduates? lol perhaps staying in school is a better choice =)

    Lilly: haha thanks a bunch dude!

  4. congratz girl 🙂
    glad that you’re back!! my internship has ended as well. and i’m freaking happy, and suddenly i don’t know what to do to fill my time. hehehe…

  5. momo_chen: thanks!! man…I seriously have lost touch with my blog..I need to get back in the act… been too lazy! I have summer courses and then I’ll be officially done..afterwards…i dunno what i’ll do >___<

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