First 2009 Canada Trip

After spending a fun morning with Khang and debating over an overly generous graduation gift he gave me for several hours…sporadically,  my family and I went to Canada this past weekend. After much chaos on deciding if we would go on Saturday or Sunday, my mom and aunt finally made a decision at 5:30pm to leave to meet up and leave by 6pm…..

I ended up driving my aunts van to Canada. It was a full ride too, with my mom, bro, aunt, 2 cousins and my aunts friend. We met up with a bunch of the family and then headed to the Richmond Night Market!

At the Night Market, my bro, little cousin Danielle and I got separated from the large group since we stopped to get bubble tea..but instead of looking for them..we continued through the market in search of delicious food. We basically spent the whole night eating. Originally, we were suppose to go to my cousins house to sleep even though it would be another hour drive, since his place is huge, but with it being midnight already..we dispersed ourselves with our relatives who lived in the area. I ended up sharing a bed with my bro and older cousin in a hot room…I slept in the middle…of..2 snorers.

As for Sunday, family and friends all gathered at a park/beach to have a BBQ. My family is completely crazy. They fight, they yell, they scream, they bullshit, they laugh, they tease, they have fun…etc etc It’s always sporadic and wild with them. Complete chaos that’s entertaining haha

My uncle tried pantsing his friend, my cousins played drinking games, my aunts hustled people for money while playing cards, my family’s friends joking around about getting each other drunk and luring the wife to bed, and it goes on and on… They’re all so young and vibrant at heart.


2 thoughts on “First 2009 Canada Trip

  1. =D I’m glad you enjoyed it! and surprise you actually read this lol..i’m shocked every time i hear that any of your girls look at this blog

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