The tide

After work Thursday, I went to Discovery Park with Khang. It was quite nostalgic, since it reminded me of my 14 mile round-trip biking journal last year from Discovery Park, through Magnolia to downtown Seattle. Anyway, while at Discovery Park, we roamed on the beach area and went to the far south end, not really think about the tide.

By the time we headed back…the tide totallllly came in! To the point where you couldn’t even see the sand…oy….haha  You can’t really tell in the photo below because I only stopped to take pictures once I was in the dry area haha… >_________>Lucky me for wearing slippers….So lesson boys and girls…be careful of the tide and roll up your pants haha ….


2 thoughts on “The tide

  1. haha oh my. i wanna go biking there!

    did someone have a bike rack last year? howd you guys get 3 bikes down there?

  2. the bike route we went in discovery park was…all hills dude… if we do discovery park..let’s stick to the park lol. Oh and we took peter’s van

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