Getting Older

Last night I went to a punk rock concert with Jane, Khang, my little cousin and her friend. I went because my little cousin wanted to go, so I knew none of the bands. I ended up liking 2/5 of the bands though! haha…. The bands were Shyforshy, The Real You, Madison Drive, Stereo Skyline and the headliner band Danger Radio. I personally enjoyed The Real You and especially Madison Drive.

Madison Drive

So I’m coming to think that I’m getting too old. As my little 16 year old cousin and her friend jumped up and down rocking to the music, Khang, Jane and I went to the back at the 4th band since we were tired of standing hahaha… >_____> I still enjoyed it but damn…by the time I’m 25 and especially 30, someone is going to need to buy me a cane, because I’m going to need it.


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