And I’m Back

Can you believe it? I’m home! Looking back now, these past few weeks flew by incredibly fast. It’s hard for me to believe that I was gone for 15 weeks and did all that I did.

My life in DC was very enjoyable =) I got to meet incredible people. I got to see amazing things. I got to try something new.

It’s hard to summarize everything, but overall, I do miss DC and the friends I made. I remember worrying about making friends and being able to handle the program, but in the end, it was all too easy to meet everyone and do the work.

Annie, since I know you read this, thank you sooo much for everything. My time in DC would definitely not have been as wonderful as it was without you. Not only that, but my roomies Carolyn and Wenyin, were completely amazing in almost every way possible. My living conditions were completely comfortable and fun, with highlights of gossiping =) I also had my Washingtonian homie, Sandy , who understood me all too well. With regards to Yifei, Sophia, Ting, Harvey, Vivian, and and several others, I’m quite fortunately to have met such ambitious and easy-going people. It’s impossible to name everyone, but seriously, I did have a good time in DC. It has now all come to an end though, and I’ll definitely miss it.

15 weeks in DC, gone and over with. Time surely does fly.


3 thoughts on “And I’m Back

  1. janeemebe: i’m getting old too fast

    wuwhitney: hahaha i want to say “thanks mom” when i hear that hahaha =)

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