Rented a car and went out

I was born to drive.  Ever since I got my license when I was 16, I’m often the one to drive, whether it’s with family or friends…why? I’m not really sure, but it just happens to be that way. As long as I’m with good people and a good navigator though, no problemm! Otherwise…if I have a poor navigator..I get fed up pretty quick..probably the best way to test my limited patience..ho ho ho…

Met up with everyone for breakfast and a walk to Hertz =)

So this past weekend, Sandy and I decided to rent a car since we’re so limited with the metro system, and it’s our last weekend in DC.On Saturday, we drove to Virginia to get some good Vietnamese food, then to Leesburg outlet =) I drove, and Sandy was navigator while Carolyn, Annie, and Harvey were in the back. Since none of us are familiar with the road, we were dependent on Sandy’s phone, which had a GPS.

After a 12 hour day of being out and about, we got dinner and headed home. We were about 45 miles out though, and no clue how the roads worked, so we gps’ed the way back, which gave us a short cut! almost cutting our route by half. We followed the directions and then started driving down a dark..creepy small road without any street lights a tons of trees…. >___> there were even racoons and deers crossing…As I went down the windy road, I went to a stop, as we were lead to a road that went into…THE RIVER…AHhahaha I U-turned and we found our way back =)

As for Sunday, only Sandy and I were available, so the two of us made plans to hit up Baltimore and Annapolis. In the end…we only got to see Baltimore since there was a lot to see. The place  VERY diverse. Entering the city…it’s really ghetto, but as you enter the main city, near the habor, the area is fantastic. We went to a great and fantastic crab cake place since Maryland is famous for it’s crabs, then went off to the inner harbor, where we bought tourist things and caught a street show. Sandy and I ended up getting hugged by the man in one of his silly acts. Afterwards, we went to a famous gelato place and roamed some more before we got dinner in Little Italy. We got home around 10pm.Inner Harbor

Fine weather, fun times

I took this photo…while I was stopped at a red light haha

Baltimore is urbanizing vastly

Overall, it was a great weekend. I was nervous at first to drive, since it had been soooo long and the car I was driving was probably twice the size of mine haha. It definitely tested my driving and ability to parallel! I failed at none =) It’ll be sad to leave this place..but… I come!

Jealous? We upgraded and rented a Hyundai lol

4 thoughts on “Rented a car and went out

  1. haha awesome. i thought you had to be 25 to rent a car? is that just here? its good that you got to explore before you leave!

    hugged by a man? uh im surprised you let him invade your bubble. haha.

  2. janeemebe: lol it was part of the show..was I suppose to throw him off?? haha

    Lilly: yes ma’am, back and in action already haha

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