• 09:42 At the white house eating lunch. Gitmo protest going on and people getting arrested. #

Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter because sometimes it’s just easier to text.



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  1. eh? at the white house? so u get to meet the president?!

    • Linh

      So I got this text when I was sleeping in and skipping my first class on Thursday. AND I WAS ESTACTIC! Haha, oh how I wish I could have seen this/participated in it. Too bad we don’t have protests for this issue here. We’ll start one–you and me– when you get back.

      • Jfo

        lol o linh…you are completely ridiculous. There are different protest like EVERYDAY at the white house…when you think of it as a “House,” can you imagine how annoying that must be? the gitmo protest are VERY common btw

    • Jfo

      haha no no, I wish! I just go to eat at the park in front of the white house =D

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