In Good Company: Part II

Since I’ve come to DC, I’ve barely ever checked my mail. The reasons for this was:

1) It took more than a month of living here to get a mail key that worked

2) I’m only living here for a few months, so I have everything sent directly to my house

3) Not many people have my address

4) Most the mail is for my roomies, and it’s usually junk

The other day, my roommate Wenyin went to check the mail and to my surprise, there were little notices in the mail that said I had a package! When I got the notice though, it was quite late, so I couldn’t go and pick up my package since the main office was closed. In addition to this, I kept putting off picking up my package since the main office isn’t in the same building..and I thought the package would be a box of socks (long story…).

Well, after wishing Cilla a happy birthday, she asked me if I received a package! So today… I finally picked it up, and to my surprise, it was a group collaboration package =) Filled with little treats like candy, random giant pencils,  items from both South Korea and Australia,and a card with group photos.  I was quite appreciative.

I have amazing friends. Thank you guys! I absolutely love it! although..I must admit, I’m tempted to buy the same box again, and send it home lol, since I have too much stuff here already haha

But back to my point! I seem to be very fortunate. I am always surrounded by good company. My program here in DC is only for a few months, but it’s definitely a good feeling to know that people at home still think of me =) Thank you so much guys! My friends…are totally better than yours lol 😉


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