My own room would be nice

As much as I like it here and the comfortable living situation I’min, going home and having my own bedroom and clean environment is something I am highly anticipating…

In regards to my roommate! . She isn’t a horrible roommate and can be quite nice and generous, but as you grow to live with people…you begin to learn their bad habits haha. The things that irritate me:

– Her alarm goes off at least 4-5x..she insists on pressing snooze for like 45minutes

– She takes forever in the bathroom and sheds more than a bear

– She has an attitude and is stubborn…very childish

– She claims to be on a rigorous diet, but when I make suggestions, she brushes me off like she know better. For instance, she ate a TV dinner at 10pm.. I told her that was unhealthy and she said it was healthy because it’s “vegetarian.” Or she eats salads covered in creamy dressing and cheese…what’s the point? it goes on.. and on….Like…when I offered her a strawberry, she freaked out because it would make her fat….

– I can tell she is completely dependent on a maid at home. She’s cooked like once here..and everytime she boils something, she needs help >___>

– Lazy…

So..I make it sound like hell..but it isn’t lol, it’s actually pretty relaxed and fun.

Ok, time for a good story! My apartment mates and some other programmates and I were working on our projects together. We’re on different teams, so we sat in different areas of the apartment, my group at the living room table and the other at the dinning room table. My roommie comes in and walks into the bedroom after a long day of work, dinner, hanging out and such in her heels. One minute later, she runs out and says “I have an emergency!!!” and with her BARE-dirty foot, plops her foot onto the dinning room table and insist that the others help her dig in her foot to investigate and pull something out.  I would have died. The others didn’t dare tough her foot, but still held their act together….Thank goodness that wasn’t me, I would have freaked out. When she left back to the bedroom to fetch something, the two studying at the table fled! So my group continued to work diligently, pretending not to notice anything when she came out and picked at her foot again.

I of course…had to sanitize the table.


15 thoughts on “My own room would be nice

  1. Bahaha, sounds like your roomie and Jecho would get along well. Some of the things on your list describes him to a T… Can’t cook, alarm goes off for 2-4 hours because he keeps hitting the snooze button (I threw a pillow at him once for that ><), doesn’t clean, etc. Just tough it out for a couple more weeks and you’ll be home 🙂

  2. syborg: it that hard to wake up??! I just don’t understand.. Today..a roomies alarm went off for almost 2 hours…I was on the verge of yelling. We get along but damn! I dunno if home will be much nicer lol

  3. LOL!!! in your own little face o.O to some of the things you said. I loved your last comment “I of course…had to sanatize the table.” So like you, but I would have totally done it as well. You come home soon! Don’t worry, I’ll come bug you in your room, set 4 alarms for you etc etc =) don’t you miss me! lol!

  4. it’s been a long time!!
    wow.. the story of yours, sounds as irritating to me. hehehe…
    when it comes to work, it’s hard to keep up with the normal life u used to have, ne?

    hope you’re doing fine… 🙂

    1. it has definitely been a long time! haha living with ppl is always interesting, but overall, I do like it here. yeaa…I don’t want to get a job any time soon… >__>

  5. I think you should take a big dump in the toilet and not flush it to let her know that her antics have been bothering you. It will work like a charm!

  6. LOL i like the teeny lil smiley face in the upper right hand corner =P.

    and ps. i, too, am a germaphobe. so i completely understand… ppl still make fun of me for having anti-bacterial hand sanitizer in my car.. purse.. backpack.. desk at work.. haha

  7. what, Whitney didn’t do all that in the dorms??? =P Lol… I was snickering all through this and abruptly stopped midway and thought “Oh my I wonder what Em would say about ME” … I’m pretty sure I shed as much as 5 bears.

    haha the toilet comment is funny — or even worse– how about take all the toilet paper rolls outside the bathroom! gasp!

    1. lol, I’m sure my roomie has soo many things to complain about me..o well.. at least I’m not dirty? Situation could be worst as I’ve learned

      I would probably regret it myself if I took the bathroom all out haha

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