In Good Company

In addition to discovering the club room and all the benefits of it, the weather is also changing for the better. On Saturday we ventured out to the National Cherry Blossom Festival finale and watched the fireworks …which were…lame..but still fun overall.

Last Sunday, as we celebrated Sandy’s birthday, we were able to run around outside for a good portion of the day. It was still ridiculously windy and such, but compared to the past month, this was much more enjoyable.

As for my internship…Besides my crazy- dumb, arrogant director, my internship is quite nice, especially since the people I work with are fantastic and caring, and the other interns and I get along so well. Yesterday was definitely one of the nicer days,  especially considering it was a work day. The including looking up name origins, lunch a Lafayette park (park in front of the White House), getting green tea ice cream in the great weather, watching I Love You Man, and attending a very awkward Young Professionals Networking event.

I only have a few weeks in this program left and it’s freaking me out. Even though I am looking forward to going home and being done with all this busy work, I am having a good time and experience here. I feel like I got a break from my actual life and entered this new life here. Once I come back…I know I will have so much to do and so many responsibilities that I was able to put on hold while being here. I’ve grown quite fond of my lifestyle here, especially since I’m in good company; perhaps it’s one of those love-hate relationships haha.’s Saturday morning. The weather today is suppose to be fanastic =) So I’m going to get some dim sum and enjoy it while it last. Have a good weekend everyone!


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