Some fun finally

I think my blog is in the process of dying..I’ve neglected it quite a lot this year…

I’ll keep it short for now..I’ve been quite busy! Every day is full of activities, whether they are fun or not. But here is one new perk! and thank goodness…I was beginning to get restless without any fun entertainment.

This is the Club Room. Originally, we had to put a $250 deposit down to reserve the room and as long as nothing broke, we got our money back..but no one was utilizing it because of all of the paperwork and money hassle, so this past week, they opened the Club Room up, and if you want to use it for private events, it’s $25/hr. This past Friday, Annie, Yifei and I had the Club Room to our selves by some random luck, so we spent the night randomly playing pool, jamming to music and relaxing. Simple hang outs like this, are THE best. No need to do anything fancy or extravagant; simple joys are what makes life fun.


6 thoughts on “Some fun finally

  1. yay! fun! I miss fun…=( lol when you get back you won’t let your blog die, you’re just a ‘little’ busy right now. I’ll challenge you at pool when you get back…don’t worry you’ll win because I haven’t practiced at all!

  2. AGREED! Keeping it simple is the way to go. THANK YOU FOR THE POSTCARD! I was so surprised 🙂 and felt loved. Call me when you’re back and we can hang out!

  3. Meesha: lol yea…I think I’m too attached to blogging to let it die. Pool battle? It’s on haha

    Lilly: haha snail mail is nice every once in a while =D

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