Update on life

Sadly…I haven’t been able to update my blog. It’s been 2 weeks….unbelieveable! Well here is a quick update with photos of what I have been doing =D

Saturday, 14- Celebrated Ting’s birthday. We ate at Thai Pavilion and then went back to Sandy & Annie’s apartment and played a fun card- murder game =D


Fun card-murder game…we played for 3 hours!

Sunday, 15- In the morning, I went with Annie, Carolyn, Sophia and my new roomie to the St. Patrick’s day parade on Constitutional Avenue. The parade was awesome, unfortunately though…it was cold and rainy…so we ended up leaving after an hour. Afterwards, Annie and I went to a first-time screening for documentary, wich is still in the making called “A Nomad’s Life.” The 2 directors (Lynn True  and Nelson Walker) were there and a total of 100 attendees =) so relatively private. The movie was amazing, I can’t wait until it actually comes out, plus the directors were super nice! Afterwards, went over to my supervisors house, which was georgeous

St. Patrick’s day parade

A Nomad’s Life and the directors. Along with the screening, they showed us 3 other short clips of other films the produced as well as ones they helped children in Tibet produce.

Monday, 16- had a long day full of activities. Went to the US-China Business Council in the morning for a lecture with the VP, had a tour at the Capitol Building, and then another lecture at the Embassy of Hong Kong.

In the Capitol Building

US-China Bilateral Trade interns =D

Tuesday, 17- After work, went to class to do our simulation presentation.

Wednesday, 18- After work, went to a dinner event that our program held an got our results back from the Myer-Briggs test and then went grocery shopping after.

Thursday, 19-  Work was the same o same o, but at 5pm, we celebrated one of our supervisors birthday with cake and drinks, and then Annie, Ling and I went to a Young Professional Networking event that our work place co-sponsored. I met a ton of awesome people.

Young Professional Networking

Friday, 20- Afterwork, I cooked dinner with Annie.

Saturday- Had brunch at Annie’s place, dropped by Sui’s house, did a little shopping, and then got back by 5pm, where Annie and I met up with Esther and Vivian to cook a large, large dinner. Afterwards, we played card games for the night.

Photo of chefs =)

Sunday, 21- I spent the morning cleaning the apartment, and in the afternoon, I went with Sandy and Carolyn to Consitution Hall to attend a free concert featuring the lovely Keiko Matsui, who is an amazing composer and pianist.

Monday, 22- Went to the Pew Research Center yesterday for another Monday speech, ate at Georgia Brown since Michelle Obama had ate there, haha and had some delicious Soul Food, and spent the rest of the time enjoying the fine weather.

In front of the White House, although..you can’t tell. I took this photo! awesome right? haha….

The tree’s are blooming above us =D

Yay! It’s been so busy here. So many activities! Tomorrow Annie and I are doing volunteer work, this weekend will be filled with the National Cherry Blossom activities in DC and studying for our midterm, next Wednesday a bunch of us are attending a concert called “Blossom in the Breeze Concert: The Sounds of Spring by Japanese Composers,” and so on and so forth! whoot! Then by the first week of May, we’re making a trip to NY and finally I’ll be home…the time here is going by incredibly fast…..o my!


6 thoughts on “Update on life

  1. Lilly: hey girl! thanks for always stopping by my blog =D life here is reallly good and busy, I wish there were at least half as many activities there are to do here, in Washington. free concerts, museums, movie screenings, discussion etc..soo good. well, hope you are doing well and having an awesome spring break!

  2. dear~! me miss your post 😦
    even now i open your page i can’t read them, but peek the pics, coz i’m at the office. LOL

    intern is… oh my god! hehehe…
    do take care ne?

    .. love the cherry blossom!
    i wish i can canned them!

  3. wow…i felt like that was a long blog! lol! great photos especially the cherry blossoms. it’s snowing/raining/slushing here so i don’t know if our cherry blossom pictures will turn out as good as yours! miss you!

  4. momo_chen: ahh it’s become so difficult to blog >__< i need to work on this. haha I try to sneak stuff at the office to, so I understand lol

    Janeemebe: fun..and busy…ah! I want….a real break. I miss last summer.

    Meesha: if you thought the blog was long, try experiencing the actual days! lol

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