Tweets for Today

  • 04:35 Oh goodness… My Roomie is sick like a dog. I’m quite frightened. She rarely covers her mouth.. #

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6 thoughts on “Tweets for Today

  1. *shiver* uugh. EVERYONE here is sick too. every time someone coughs near i get chills up and down my spine. haha. i BETTER now get sick. esp for my trip!

  2. janeemebe: roomie is like INSANELY sick. Her coughs are SUPER loud and can be heard throughout the apartment…whenever she blows her nose, it’s like a loud goose..last night, I slept under my covers in fear…I barely got any sleep since she coughed all night. I went out and bought disinfectant wipes today….Stay healthy for your trip! when are you leaving??

  3. Ah! Stay healthy! Ant is recovering from the flu now. Seems like everyone is getting sick. I heard in an article the other day that like 15% of the students at some King County school was sick. Crazy huh?

  4. lilly: that is a lot of sick people. Seems everyone got sick..I’ve seem to be able to stay clear, yay

    momo_chen: thank youuu! i appreciate the concern =) hope all is well!

    renaye: hellloo! oddly..i still can’t get onto your blog from here….it just never loads >____< hope you are doing well, thanks for the concern! my roomie is finally i getting better

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