Destination A to C

Originally Annie and I were suppose to go to Georgetown with Heather, Esther and Vivian. After a morning of cleaning the apartment and washing clothes, I went to have brunch at Annie’s apartment. We finished eating before noon hit, and the other 3 girls didn’t want to go to leave until Georgetown until 1:15pm.

Whenever I am on the Metro, I look out the window and notice a lot of plazas really close to us, but can’t really identify what stores are in them since we’re going so fast and the image usually gets cut off by buildings and tunnels. So Annie and I have been on  exploration-type walks after work and such, seeing what is around us. Since we had a little more than an hour, we decided to go for a walk and told the others we would meet them at the Metro at 1:20pm.

Well…the walk turned into an adventure! we first found a playground..then discovered tons of new restaurants, bubble tea shops, grocery stories, and shops with clothes and neccessities! we ended up walking until 9pm! We got semi lost too….since we were at least mid-way between 2 Metro stops when we discovered that we would be too late to go to Georgetown, we decided to head to the next Metro…well..somehow we missed it and walked to the 3rd one. We walked the ENTIRE 9 hours  time too (about 5.3miles or 11kilometers), only sitting once or twice to put stuff away in our backpacks. Around 9ish, we finally got dinner at the grocery store and then found the Metro station to head back to the apartments =)

So..instead of going from our original destination from A to B..we ended up at C haha..and the best part? we did the same thing Sunday..just not as long and much more focused on photography instead of shopping. After cooking a quick dinner on Sunday, we intended to meet up with Carolyn and Ting for a concert. While on the Metro though, we realized that we’d be too late, so instead we took an adventure again! We got some ice cream, walked a little more than 4 miles with no destination; we walked around the Potomac River and visited the Lincoln Memorial while taking a bunch of night photos.


Crossed the bridge over the Potomac River, going from DC to Virginia

Annie and I at the Lincoln Memorial


5 thoughts on “Destination A to C

  1. taking random walks around the neighborhood can be pretty darned fun… i think that’s about most of what i do on vacation when i’m on my own. XD;

  2. xiaolu: ooo there is more reason for you to help me get google analytical on this so i can see how many ppl around the world read my blog!

    Janeemebe: agreed! aren’t you going to Panama soon???

    Symons: =D it’s even more eventful and fun without a destination, and so much less stress

    didi: my favorite thing to do is go on little wandering trips =D

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