Trespassing in Cold Weather

You know…I hate having a bunch of text on my blogs and prefer photos..but it seems almost impossible lately due to time…so here goes!

Tuesday was a cold, cold day to be outside…and guess who was stuck outside?

I do tend to go on little excursions with my current internship by attending events and doing whatever it is to leave the office, but for this specific Tuesday, I was quite ecstatic to stay inside since the weather was so windy and cold. At my work, our director wanted to personally deliver these envelopes with our companies stuff and Task Force booklets to people in the Senate and the House on Capitol Hill; one group was my director, Boss A, and an intern, and the other group was Boss B and another intern, making a total of 5 people. They had worked on this stuff and discussed it the previous day…so when the first group ventured off at 11am, I was pretty excited since that meant the office would be pretty empty. Well, RIGHT before the 2nd group left, Boss B got call from our director and I was recruited to join, so I threw on my jacket and ear muffs.

The weather the entire time we were out ranged from -7degrees Celsius to 0 degrees….with STRONG ass winds. So our objective was to bring all these big envelopes and get them delivered to the House of Representatives, so we caught a taxi to Capitol Hill so that we could hit up the buildings Cannon, Longworth, and Rayburn. Through each building, you had to go through a security check,

just like an airport.



So we first hit up Cannon and the 3 of us spread out through each floor to make it quick. Everything went by very smoothly, and it was also nice being able to roam through the building and see all the nice offices. Cannon was a success, so we moved on to Longworth…Boss B and I got through security just fine, but the other intern in our group got held back and told that we were not allowed to deliver the mail. After a bit of hostility with the guard, Boss B continued with her part, and I went outside with the other intern, and where we all decided that we might as well try going to Rayburn since we easily got through Cannon.


Bare in mind that we had no idea that this was a big deal, and when we were continuing to Rayburn, we didn’t go there thinking that we wanted to defy the rules and be strong activist or anything, we just wanted to see if we could or not. So we went over to the other building casually and slowly since we knew Boss B wouldn’t be done for awhile. We hopped in to the security line, and I was up first. I had passed through everything when all of a sudden the SAME security guard from Longworth stops me and goes nuts, saying that my friend and I was trying to sneak in from one building to another and then goes off for a little bit about how he told us no already, etc etc and says that I was trespassing! Hahaa, so I’m pretty sure the guard followed us from the other building! Then he forces us out in much anger. So we waited at the area near the door with seating, since it would be too cold to go outside, but he yells at us and tells us trespassers that we have to go outside.


Perhaps we looked like crazy activist. I mean..there are thousands here in DC afterall haha. We ended up waiting outside for our boss, and then going on a wild goose chase for some random building that the guards told us we could go to and mail the stuff. I can’t remember a time that I’ve been that cold before. My face was frozen and it even hurt. My hands burned and I honestly remember thinking…I hope I have all 10 toes when I get back. After that day of pure cold weather, I started thinking…a job in DC might just not be for me.


Oh..and as for the group that went to the Senate buildings..they ran in NO trouble at all. oy..the little things you do to get ahead in life. hahahha………..



5 thoughts on “Trespassing in Cold Weather

  1. That’s a neat map. I believe when guard had no blog to update or reply during work, naturally they came to following innocent people as pastime, haha =p

  2. they’re actually robots… with a hive mind. your image has been scanned up and transferred over their network to the other robot guards in the area.

  3. it doesnt matter where in the world you are… you always have interesting stories and adventures wherever you go!

  4. woo: hahaha….. “innocent” we know that Herny actually knew what he sent us out to do

    didi: >______< your imagination is too much lol

    missinter: brrr indeeed!

    Tammy: haha long time no talk! haha you know you want to follow me 😉

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