Mail Key

As of Wednesday, I have officially been in DC for 1 whole month. Is time moving fast…or slow? I can’t really tell. When I think back on it…it’s been quite fast, but as the days go by..they progress quite slowly. It’s fun, but the days just seem long at the same time.

Well…after being here for a month, we finally got our mail box key! When we tried our mail box key when we first moved in…it didn’t work…so we turned it in to maintenance. We waited a few days and checked up on it. They gave us a key and still..the same problem continued..the key went in but didn’t turn. We returned the key and harassed the maintenance people just about every day…they kept giving us excuses and when they DID give us a was never a new key…just the same damn key we turned in. wth??? well…after a month..we’ve gotten a new mail key with the help of our RA.

In our mail box..there were 5 packages..tons of cards..etc..all very important things.

During my first week in DC, my cell phone charger started I ordered a new phone charger immediately and paid extra for expedited mail to ensure that I would have a functioning phone asap. The package was suppose to come within 2 days…but in the end…there was no point to paying for express mail when I had to wait 1 month to open my mail box..lame huh?? Thank goodness my roommate used the same phone charger…


6 thoughts on “Mail Key

  1. haha o i meant to ask about that when i talked to you today. finally. sheesh. you got so lucky that your roommate uses the same charger!

  2. LOL~! u had to wait a month for the key, while you’re about to order something express. hehehe…
    and it’s been a month.. jeez time flies!!
    take care there girl ^^

  3. janeembe: I have no idea what I would have done if I didn’t get my charger….. ah lucky =D

    Mike: hmm..spam?

    Meesha: yay, i’m very glad I finally got my mail, also because it held our pay checks haha

    renaye: thanks! hope you’ve been doing well!

    Momo_chen: ahh..I know right??? what a waste of money! haha time sure does fly….I have so much to do!

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