Perks of DC

DC is full of activities, events, and museums to attend…and the best part is?? Most of it is free! This past weekend, my roommates and I didn’t do much on Saturday. I cleaned, washed clothes, washed sheets, vacuumed and all that good stuff and then just relaxed, shortly went grocery shopping and went to work out.

Well…after a day of sitting around, my roomies and I felt restless, so on Sunday, we all went out to a concert! It was The Air Force Concert and Band & Singing Sergeants..Featuring Katherine Kohler; Clarinet, and presenting country legend Charley Pride =D at Constitutional Hall.

So it’s not boring, here are some awesome photos of the concert! and what’s even better…was that it was free! We came a little late since we didn’t know where it was at first and got a little lost, but once we got in, the cold winds were absolutely worth it. It started with instrumental music, moved on to a wizard of oz type musical thing, and then country singer Charley Pride sang after the intermission =D

On the Metro with the roomies

Katherine Kohler on Clarinet

The crowd

Wizard of Oz musical

A small clip from the Wizard of Oz bit


Country legend Charley Pride

A clip of Charley Pride singing

Yay! The concert was awesome! It started around 3, and ended at 5:30pm. There was another concert at 6 at the National Gallery Smithsonian, which was orchestra music, but we were tired and found that 1 concert was plenty haha. So Sunday, was well spent!


2 thoughts on “Perks of DC

  1. janeemebe: I huh?? the concert was soo cool too! There are soooooooo many events to attend here..from educational musical ones..etc lots of its free! and if you do have to pay..its only like 15 bucks..but we’ve been so spoiled with free things here that we think 15 bucks is too we don’t go lol

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