Ah..It’s been more than a week since my last blog..can you believe it? I have so much to say..but so little time. It’s almost midnight and the 3-day weekend is now over. Instead of being boring about all the things I did, here it is with captions and photos:


After work, a few of us met up and went off to catch Happy Hour. We found an awesome place called RiRa where we chilled for a while withs ome drinks and food =) . The crew here are me and Annie (taking the picture) with Asia Society, and the other 4 at Condor International.


Khang got in at 8am and then we ventured through DC, walking for about 6hours; saw the Air and Space Smithsonian, passed by the White House, a few memorials, and etc.

Met up with some friends at Austin’s Grill for Happy hour after a long day of site-seeing.

Khang and I downing the Jagerbombs


Went to the zoo! There’s a Panda in the photo..I swear

Waiting to watch the Giant Octopus get fed…although..it really wasn’t that Giant. Spent the rest of the day catching dinner and then went to watch Taken, the movie. Khang had no idea this photo was going to be taken..hahaha


Got up early and took an hour ride on the Metro to meet up with Didi, Mike, Didi’s sister and her bf to eat Dim Sum =D It was really good meeting up with them. Although I’ve only been in DC for 3 weeks, it felt amazingly nostalgic =) Even though we’re on the east coast…we’re all west coasters in this photo =D haha how awesome.

Didi and Mike dropped us off at my apartment and checked out my place for a bit. We ended up watching a Russel Peters for an hour before they left. Around 3, Khang, me, and some friends went to the Smithsonian areas. We originally wanted to see the Lincoln Memorial and such, but since it was so far and cold, we stayed close by the Smithsonians since we wanted to eat first and catch a concert/orchesta at 6…we rushed our dinners and tried to catch the concert..but for some reason it wasn’t playing or we couldn’t get in..so instead, we went back to the apartments and had a big movie night where I got to bake cookies and scoop ice cream =)


Since my roomie Carolyns boyfriend was suppose to be at the airport at 5:30pm, and Khang was catching his flight at 4, the 2 boys caught the taxi together, how cute haha. oh..and I realize he won’t read this blog, but Thanks for visiting Khang! It was a fun weekend and memorable weekend =D

 Afterwards I went with Annie to our colleagues house nearby and had a dumpling night. We made a 7 course meal..soup..veggies, and about 80-100 handmade dumplings/jiaozi!

The meal at Sui’s place was probably the best meal we’ve had since we’ve gotten here. We ate so much that we went to a park to play at even though it was freezing cold =)

And tada! there is a summary of the last few days. My apologies for not blogging more often…blogging has become a lot more difficult than I thought since I don’t have much time and our internet is super slow.


8 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Spotted–Lil Jen has different size for pictures of people, animal, and food(with food being the largest) =D
    And…the last paragraph–quote quote!

  2. oh so jealous of your lifestyle.. i wish i could travel more.. studying abroad / internships outta wa isnt an option at the moment.. and my trip to vn this summer.. just got canceled =[.

    ima sneak into your luggage one of these days =]

  3. Woo: ok..now it’s time for you to get your butt going and blogging!!

    Janeemebe: you should visit!

    Tammy: haha my lifestyle is temporary! you just have to get up and go, otherwise you’ll be stuck in WA foreverrr! c’mon ba gia!

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