The past 3 days

At last…tomorrow is Friday. I can already understand why people miss school, the 9am-5pm life is quite monotoneous…and I’ve only been doing it for 3 days. I enjoy my internship so far, but I can see this routine getting old fast.

DC has been treating me well, but I think my body is too use to home. The first few days I arrived here, my lips were chap, which is a rarity for me! Plus, the other day, I had a bloody nose! I haven’t had one of those in YEARS. Besides that though, DC is a friendly area and pretty easy to get around.

I started officially working at my internship on Tuesday and work has been pretty eventful so far.

Tuesday: 8:30-5 work, 5pm financial meeting, 6:30pm-9:50pm class, home by 10:50pm

Wednesday: 9:30-5 worked; attended Book Launch with Author Asoka Bandorage of the book “The separatist conflict in Sri Lanka”, where we got a free delicious lunch. After I got back, the director invited me to come with him to the Chamber of Commerce because he wanted to expose me to more opportunities. Got home around 6:30 and just hung out with buncha people.

Thursday: Arrived at work at 9:40, left to the U.S. China Climate Change event at Brookings. When I came back, I worked a little bit, caught lunch with Annie, and then worked until 5:40 and arrived back at my apartment at 7 to make some dinner and pick up a package from my family, which contained a rice cooker =)

Tomorrow: Work and attending a photo exhibit during work I think, and then a movie after work with the colleagues.

Overall, my time here is pretty fun so far. The people in my program are very kind and funny. I got lucky with having someone from my program being in the same workplace as me, and my roommates so far are absolutely awesome. So far, so good =]

My 2 roomies cooking. In this apartment, someone is alwayysss in the kitchen making food.

I am totally looking forward to this weekend. I don’t have plans..but I want to just..have fun. This program is definitely achieving what it set out to do, and it’s a taste of the boring adult-routine life.  >__<

Oh..and I haven’t watched a full movie since I’ve gotten here.. I’m feeling deprived! I need more time! I feel like I barely have time for anything these last few days; even blogging is becoming difficult and I stay up to at least 12:30 every night..ahh. I’m trying my best though!


8 thoughts on “The past 3 days

  1. what i miss most about school: [a] all the breaks (haha), [b] sitting down and listening to teachers/profs tell you things you didn’t know the day before.. every day!, [c] having such a wide variety of things to learn every day, [d] motivation to learn and remember things.

    but, seriously. life in the program sounds pretty good from what i’m hearing/reading. keep on with the good times. 🙂

  2. didi: haha I think I’ll miss the breaks a ton..and also the ability to just skip school whenever I want. haha life in this program is def good so far. I can’t complain =)

    renaye: haha thanks! i’ve tried accessing your blog several times here, but it never loads >__<

  3. ahh! sounds like you’re always super busy! have fun on the weekends though! we all miss you here but thanks for the e-mail update!

    i’ll miss you on my b-day! =( but i know you’re learning a lot!

    welcome to my world in the summer! working from 6am – 5pm is beyong boring! i don’t even get to learn new things or meet new people…i just answer phones! lol!

    Have fun though! miss ya!

  4. renaye: hmm for some reason..the page takes forever, but perhaps it’s because my internet here is ridiculously slow

    Momo_chen: it is hectic! I’ve always sooo busy, but it’s definitely fun and I’m taking advantage of them. Hope you’re doing well!

    Meesha: yeaaa…free time is quite the luxury, especially when we have class days, plus the commute to work takes at least 45min, o well, it’s def nice being here =D happy vday!

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