Full days and cooking

I haven’t even been here a week and time already seems to be going by too fast. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money on groceries and just trying to get settled…I’m actually scared to look at my bank account >___<

So yesterday, my roomie Carolyn, and friends Heather and Ting decided to go check out the Smithsonian! We left the apartment around 9am and then hopped on the rail. We arrived to the area at almost 10 and chose to check out the National Museum of Natural History; Heather and I were there until 1:30pm and departed from the other 2 since we had plans to check out the Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown.

We arrived just minutes before the parade had started and even got prime seating somehow =D It was a huge event and tons of people crowded the streets; I’ve never seen the streets of Seattle like that. After the parade though, we looked for a place to eat since I hadn’t eaten anything but cereal all day. We ventured off and ate at Fuddrucker’s after, a “fast food” type burger place.  While there, we met up with Heathers friend and then went over to his place to enjoy the Super Bowl.

Being here is a completely surreal experience. All the people I met at the superbowl were older than me by at least 5 years and people who worked in think-tank type jobs, NPO’s or did government type careers. This is totally unbelievable.

Today was spent attending lectures and meeting Samual Mok, who is an awesome speech giver and I even got to trade business cards and individually talk to him =) Afterwards we met our professor and then went to the Center of Strategic and International Studies to get a lecture by James Lewis.

We got to end around 4pm and go home. Once I got back though, I changed clothes and then invited my friend Sandy, her roomie, and my roomie Wenyin to go shopping since we didn’t have many groceries. I bought a ton of stuff and then made dinner =) My roomies said they liked it! yay!

Right now, I have a bunch of people over, all on their laptops and watching Gossip Girls, hahahaha.. oh this will be an interesting time here =)

I start work tomorrow, wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “Full days and cooking

  1. You won’t need luck– looks like you’re doing awesome =D And you were worried about making friends.. silly…

    glad you made in it okay and good luck (even though you don’t need it) on your first day!!!

    ps. that dinner looks really good btw

  2. Christina: yay! thanks for stopping by to see what i’ve been up to. haha of course I had to be worried about making friends!! completely new setting! haha Today was such a long day….woke up at 630am..had work, meeting, and class..didn’t get home until 10:40pm. >___<

    renaye: thank youu =D I appreciate it!

    Symons: haha I didn’t watch it, my roomie and friends were excited for it. I waited until after…because at 9am…there was Heroes and 24 lol

  3. ah I’m this Sandy’s roomie! =D
    And I’ll jst throw ’em a link to this blog when they ask me to write my first post! =P

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