DC: I made it

To kick things off, the drive to the airport was rather stressful on my behalf. We left my house at 7:45pm and Didi and Janeemebe even came over to hop a ride and say their final goodbyes (I really appreciate it guys) while my brother drove. We seemed to be making great time since my plane wasn’t leaving until 10:25pm, and our original plan was to take a minor detour to South Center so that I could say goodbye to Khang…but long and behold! a MAJOR accident occurred on the highway, blocking 2/4 the lanes, adding about 45 minutes to my original 40-45minute commute to the airport. After I hugged everyone goodbye and checked my stuff in, I went to my gate as everyone was boarding, so no waiting!

I arrived to Detroit for my layover at like 3am (PST) and then waited 3 hours until I caught my final 1-2hr flight to DC. While on the plane, we were delayed in the air for about 25minutes due to snow and couldn’t land…when we finally did and I picked up my luggage I found the Super Shuttle that I reserved and had to wait about 35minutes before I got a ride. The van was full with a total of 9 people..and I was 2nd to last to be dropped off, so the drive was about 1hr 15minutes to my location. On the plus side though, I met a really nice lady just a little bit older than me on the ride! We exchanged numbers and she told me to call her and stay in touch, especially if I needed anything or wanted help heading to New York or something since she made trips there on weekends every nowand then =D

Right outside the doors to our apartment.

Well, I was first to check into the room at about 2pm. The place is ridiculously nice. I scoped out the rooms and picked a bed next to the window. Since I didn’t know anyone, I spent my day wandering and seeing everything around me. My apartment is in the middle of a beautiful new plaza that is full of restaurants, grills, bars, stores, and in the middle is even an ice rink! Just outside of the town square is an asian store and a little further is a huge super market. Bank of America and a huge metro station is a block away as well =D The apartment we’re staying at is brand spanking new. Students are divided into 2 different apartment complexes, and only ours has wi-fi =D

Around 6:30, there was a opportunity to go get pizza and meet people before the mandatory RA meeting. I said bye to my 2 roomies because they didn’t want to go yet, and left at 6:35…on the way down though I ran into this girl named Heather who had just arrived and had all of her luggage. We found out that we were in the same program and when I asked her what room she was going to, she said 335, and BAM! there was my roomie! ..sorta of.. well she rushed in, unpacked her stuff quickly and cleaned up a bit and we left the apartment at 6:55 to go to the meeting…although…we soon realized that she wasn’t in my room..she was actually in 235 haha..kinda unfortunate since we got along so well haha… >___<  so after the meeting she had to gather her mess and move it downstairs. And although it’s already day 2, I still haven’t found out who my roommate is in this biggo-apartment.

Whooooeyyy…this was long! well so far…it’s been pretty fun. This program I’m doing is the most intensive one that The Washington Center offers, and after the casual orientation today, I was a bit freaked out with how much we have to do haha, but it still seems fun. The people in this group seem really awesome, I went out to eat with a few of them and my roomies seem really awesome. Although..the 4th roomie..the one that is suppose to be in the same room as me still hasn’t shown….o well, not that I’m complaining! well that was all yesterday..today was another eventful day, but for now! that is all =D did I bore you?

Oh and tomorrow is a formal orientation where we all have to dress up, whoooey, below is the picture of the place we’re all meeting.

Yeaa, formal orietation, 9 am…it takes us 45 min via metro to get here too.

ok….usually I would space out my blogs and keep them short..but I barely have time to dish these out it seems and so much to tell! This blog took like 2 nights! I’ve tried multiple times to upload a video tour of my apartment, but have usually failed..it’ll be up though..just wait! =)


8 thoughts on “DC: I made it

  1. Thanks for the update. Good to hear everything is off to a good start.

    I want more pictures! haha. Hope you have fun, stay in touch.

  2. and so i miss lots of things since i went back to my home town.
    and~!!! you’re in DC!! good luck girl, u’ll do best…
    anyway… they’re nice, providing such a good apartment for students.
    i have to scroll back to your other entries LOL

  3. yay sounds awesome. if your roomie doesnt show i am coming down to dc to stay in her space! haha jk. welps keep us updated!

  4. symons: oddly enough..I haven’t taken many pics here! weird huh? maybe because we’ve been so busy with orientation, and settling in. Soon enough though!

    momo_chen: haha yea you missed a lot! haha. scroll back? o man..you’d be crazy to catch up on everything lol

    janeemebe: I’m gonna be so weirded out of I don’t end up with a roomie….. not that I’m complaining or anything. Well here comes my true trials of cooking on my own. I def won’t be saving money tho! I have to spend lots on food, supplies, and it’s $40 a week on a rail pass!

  5. this is awesome, jen! i’m so spankin’ proud of you for getting out there and taking action, doing great things! i miss ya over here, tho! keep us updated!

  6. whitney: “spanking proud” lol I love it. I miss you guys too! keep me updated, I’m curious abut what you guys are doing!

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