To DC I go


Oh! and before I forget, thanks everyone for taking their time out and seeing me off before I go, I really appreciate it =) it’s been so much fun


My days have been jammed pack with friends and getting ready for a few months in a completely different atmosphere. I’ll be in DC from January 28- May 16th. This will be the longest I’ve ever been away from home! The convenience of going to a University near home has kept me home bound, and I love it.

Although I know I’m only going for about 4.5 months, I’ve been hanging out just about every single day, getting my last full dosage of friends and family before I depart for my small adventure of work and school full time. A lot of people ask “what DO I do” since everyone is in school besides me and I only work a few hours, but strangely enough I keep pretty darn busy! I can’t even think of a single day where I’ve had to myself…but it’s all fun =D

I’ll def try my best to keep my blog updated as always! and look forward to some new pictures too! I haven’t really taken any good photos since I came back from China, so I’m pretty excited =]

Wish me luck folks! I’ll prob need it…. haha ohhh, and have fun guys! keep me updated with what you guys are up to!


7 thoughts on “To DC I go

  1. I thought you would think of me and change your mind at the last moment. Too bad.

    Have lots of fun and throw up all over the streets of DC! hahaaaa

  2. Hey guys! DC so far is pretty darn awesome. Thanks for the lovely wishes =) I’ll post a awesome update-post as soon as’ll be long though…it’s only been day 1..but I have soo much to share. THe place I’m staying at is amazing and the people here are SUPER friendly.

  3. I wanted it to be horrible so you’d miss us more.
    Eric asked me how I was doing today and I said “I’m feeling blue.” 😦

    Take lots of pictures and do a video tour again!

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