Crystal Mountain

Whoooey! Just yesterday I went down to Crystal Mountain for some snowboarding! I went with Khang, my bro, Em and Paul. For me, it was my 4th time boarding and I only learned to carve just 2 weeks ago when I went with Khang..for my bro and Paul, it was their very first time ever snowboarding….and boy was it rough on them…especially since the snow wasn’t fresh at all…

Last time I went with Khang, we got in at least 14 runs, including a few double black diamond runs in the Campbells Basin. I’m far, far away from good..but record for snowboarding has been having experienced people drag me to the top and off hills that look like cliffs >___< but I guess it’s alright since I’m still alive right? haha

For this trip, I think I got in 7-8 runs since we stuck around to help the newbies and their trials in snowboarding. I remembered my first time boarding was absolutely horrible and completely painful….but I’m glad I stuck to it and glad that they tried it out =) Overall, a wonderful trip…but for the first time ever, instead of being sore from just working out my muscles while boarding, I came back sore from bruises since the snow up at Crystal rough and icy… I have bruises on my knees, 1 on my head and 1 on my back…whoot haha

Khang, Em and I went off to do a few runs on our own while the 2 first timers sat at the lodge resting after lunch =) beginners exert a TON more energy and receive a billion more bruises than people who have some experience lol

After Khang, Em and I finished our runs, we picked up my bro and Paul to do their last run to the bottom of the mountain. This is Em waiting with me as we watched over the 2 =)

Action shot! Although it was Paul’s first time…he was reallllly good.I was soo surprised.

My bro! He only decided to go at 11pm the night before…and we had to be up by 4:30am…but it looks like he found a new hobby..thank god it’s something outdoorsy haha but like every other hobby he has…it’s just as expensive lol

Overall…everyone but Em got beat up pretty bad from falling I think…haha. But it was still a fun time =) I’ve gotten a TON of hanging out in before my departure to’s almost overwhelming.


4 thoughts on “Crystal Mountain

  1. janeemebe: seriously…if it wasn’t so expensive I’d consider going more often…well…the ride there is also kinda long lol. You’d be such an ass to hit my bruises

    didi: it was fun! one day, we should all go up together =D

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