Keeping busy

On the 27th, I will be catching a red eye flight to Washington DC for my internship! Currently, everyone I know is back in school since the quarter started 2 weeks ago or working, so I have a lot of free time. I still work, but so little that it barely counts for everything. All I’ve been doing is hanging out as much as possible and seeing all the special people in my life! =)

It’s actually amazing how “busy” I’ve been keeping myself even though I don’t have school. And when I say busy I mean..”hanging out” haha with everyone. I know I am only leaving for 4.5 months but it’s better to see everyone now than just sit cooped up in my room and not hanging out right?  =D For instance…last night I had a few friends over to watch Invisible Children, tonight will be a game night, tomorrow I’m going out to a improv show and then Sunday I am going snowboarding…ahh..even this schedule is kind of overwhelming me…o well.

I might as well take advantage though since it looks like my schedule in DC will be pretty busy. I’m not sure how my class schedule will work since I thought I was taking 2 classes…one which is scheduled to be on Tuesday 6:30-9:30 but here is the general internship schedule:

On a typical week, my following following activities will be:

n Mondays: will be attending lectures, listening to speakers and visiting different organizations in Washington D.C. you will also have meetings with me.

n Tuesday to Friday: will be working at your internship full time from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

n Class: one evening per week from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. you will be taking the US China Bilateral Trade Class.  The professor will be communicating with you in the following weeks to discuss class reading materials and assignments.

n Portfolio Assignments:  during the semester you will be completing assignments and compiling them to present a portfolio at the end of the semester.

n Simulation: During the semester, you will also participate in one or more trade simulations.

Whooey! It’ll definitely be interesting. I’ll def try my best to keep my blog updated as well =)


3 thoughts on “Keeping busy

  1. janeemebe: of course I’m nervous! but the full of it hasn’t hit me yet…dun dun dun

    Anthony: 110 like a week? or how long? lol thats pretty impressive

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