Movie Review: Winds of September


Winds of September is a coming of age story set in 1996 in town in Taiwan. The film follows a close group of  7 high school boys of various ages and their youthful struggles as graduation approaches. Known as the trouble makers of the school, their mischievous adventures range from riding motorcycles, smoking, cutting school, and sneaking into a pool at night. The key to this movie are the strong friendships between the adolescent  boys and how they handle it.


Winds of September approaches the story of these 7 youthful and high spirited boys in a realistic aspect. Director Tom Lin creates an atmosphere that can easily be related to and not far fetch from what true high school life was like; the only downside to this is that some might find this style to be a bit slow paced. Each character in the movie is recognized and distinct with individuality, and with their convincing performance, the story becomes even more vivid as the film lingers on relationships and youthful longings. The only con to this movie was that it didn’t stand out or leave a great impact to the viewers. Winds of September follows these boys and their stories very skillfully and the cinematography is sharp, but the lack of depth in the movie doesn’t allow it to pack a punch. Overall, it was a entertaining movie to watch and follow, but nothing spectacular.

My rating: 6.5/10
Should you watch it? It’s a movie without any big twist or climaxes and runs kind of slow. Purely a story about rebellious high school boys growing up. If this captures you, and you aren’t expecting flare, this will be right down you’re alley.

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