Happy New Year!

I’m a day late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Can you believe it’s already 2009?? This past year went unbelievebly fast.

Well, just like last year, when I did a 2007 Highlights, I will be doing the highlights of my 2008, and dang was it busy. I thought 2007 was great, but it looks like the years are only getting better =)


From left to right

(1) 2008-01-03 – Went up snowboarding with the crew/(2) 2008-01-13 The start of bunchamunchers/ (3) 2008-01-22 UW was colddd, the fountain froze


(1) 2008-02-01 cooking together at Janeemebes/ (2) 2008-02-03 Bunchamunching-bubble tea/ (3) 2008-02-10 another bunchamunch; Volunteer Park Conservatory/ (4) 2008-02-16 Seattle Photoshoot-beginnings of PB&J, (5) 2008-02-15 UW womens basketball game/ (6) 2008-02-22 Meesha’s birthday party


(1) 2008-03-02 Lunch at Saley’s/ (2) 2008-03-07 Whitney’s birthday/ (3) 2008-03-09 Ate at Pike Place with Didi and Janeemebe and then to the Seattle Public Library for our bunchamuchin/ (4) 2008-03-14 Just a random hangout with PB&J/ (5) 2008-03-15 Went to Pike Place with PB&J

For our Spring Break, Em and I went to Japan in March and spent our time there in Tokyo, Sendai, and Kamogawa. It was an amazing experience. For some trip details, click >here<


(1) 2008-04-01 Right after coming off a long plane ride from Japan   and no sleep, we gathered in the Quad at UW to take group photos since the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, (2) 2008-04-12 Canada trip and celebrating my aunts birthday/ (3) 2008-04-13 Bunchamuchas Sichuanese/ (4) 2008-04-26 Took my little cousin out


(1) 2008-05-03 Got my Kensoshi CD/ (2) 2008-05-11 My bro and I took my dad to the airport so he could go and move to Vietnam/ (3) 2008-05-16 Went to Greenlake and Pyramid with the girls/(4) 2008-05-17 Celebrated my brothers birthday/ (5) 2008-05-23 Went to the Folklife Festival/ (6) 2008-05-25 Went to Mikes Noodle House with the crew.


(1) 2008-06-01 went to the Wing Luke Museum grand opening, (2) 2008-06-11 Night Seattle Photos/ (3) 2008-06-12 Lunch at Ipanema Grill and then frisbees/ (4) 2008-06-16 went to Greenlake and played catch and walked around/ (5) 2008-06-20 Went fishing/ (6) 2008-06-22 had our usual Sunday lunches and then to Edmonds Beach/ (7) 2008-06-23 PB&J Biking


Most of June was spent in Vietnam and Thailand =)

For more details on my trip, here is part 1 of a 5 part series of my post about my trip and volunteer experience in Vietnam with Janeemebe and Em, just click >here<


(1) 2008-08-04 to 2008-08-06 Went camping for the first time (2) 2008-08-09 Summer Picnic/ (3) 2008-08-11 Went to Alki Beach and then a downtown photoshoot/ (4) 2008-08-14 Met up with Cathy at Portage Bay to catch up. (5)2008-08-15 Get together/ (6) 2008-08-16 Erics Birthday/ (6) 2008-08-18 Janeemebe’s Birthday Party


A good part of my month of September was spent in Guilin, China and it was absolutely amazing.

For details..in which I never finished, click >here<

(1) 2008-09-20- Ohana-Irish Emigrant/ (2) 2008-09-22- Gangan’s birthday-Del Rey/ (3) & (4) 2008-09-26 McCormicks; the boys and the girls.


(1) 2008-10-10 Paul’s surprise 22nd Birthday/ (2) 2008-10-12 went out with the relatives for some dimsum/ (3)  2008-10-17 Eating out with Linh and Lilly/ (4) 2008-10-19 Dinner at Didi’s moms/(5) 2008-10-24- Didi birthday/ (6) 2008-10-25 Roaming Seattle with Janeemebe and Gangan/ 2008-10-26 Seattle PBJ/ 2008-10-31 To Yakima


(1) 2008-11-21 had a Spring roll and movie day with Linh and Lilly/ (2) 2008-11-21 had a Hookers/Crafts night, but mostly just watched movies/ (3) 2008-11-26 Aunts Thanksgiving party/ (4) 2008-11-27 Thanksgiving day/ (5) 2008-11-28 Went to Tulalip Casino with Janeemebe to meet up with Didi


(1) 2008-12-11 Christmas Party/ (2) 2008-12-13 First snow/ (3) 2008-12-18 After being stuck inside because of the snow, Jane came over and we made a snowman/ (4) 2008-12-20 went to Davids Bridal to try on dresses for Didi’s wedding/ (5) 2008-12-21 Blizzard hit...stuck inside for even longer/ (6) 2008-12-22 Went out to Applebees with all my bro’s friends, whooey!/ (7) 2008-12-26 Holiday Party at my house/ (8) 2008-12-28 Matt and Janeemebe have been constantly playing dokapon, so when we invited them over, Matt decided he had to dig a spot for his car to park since he got stuck in the neighborhood 5times…./ (9)  2008-12-29 Went downtownwith Janeemebe to eat with Didi and Mike, then met up with old high school friends that night.

I don’t have pictures from my new years eve unfortunately >__< anyway! It has been a really good year =) I couldn’t have asked for anything more. 2008 is a year of many first-times and adventures. Let’s hope 2009 is just as prosperous! Happy New Year everyone!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. this just reminds me…. that i haven’t given you pictures for the victoria trip yet. :O :O :O :O

    but, man, what a good year. :3

  2. didi: haha i totally need pics to remember what i’ve done this year…it was quite eventful wasn’t it?

    anthony: you wish lol

    renaye: haha thats why you should snap pics everywhere you go! the memories are woth it

    lilly: ah I love 2008, and im hoping 2009 will be even better

    Happy new year everyone =)

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