Death of the Snowman

The snow is still crazy.. this morning I spent 1 hour shoveling snow off 1/2 of my driveway so my mom could go to work. Once she got off the driveway moms car got completely wouldn’t go forward..or reverse….. it took another hour of shoveling and pushing my moms car to get back in the driveway because it was was impossible to leave.  Oh…and last night, my brothers car couldn’t get in the garage…it was stuck halfway in the driveway so I had to come out and ended up..semi-disastrous…but..I won’t talk about details………

Well, a few post back I built a snowman! and now…it’s basically gone… here goes!

December 18, 2008

December 20, 2008..or technically 21st since I took this photo at 1:30am. Here comes a blizzard.

December 21, 2008- 10:00am

December 21, 2008- 7:40pm

December 21, 2008- 10:40pm

Good bye Mr.Snowman. I took photos this morning too..but the only reason his head is still sticking up is because of the snow that accumulated on top of his head…

Oh..and I’ve become a creepy it seems haha…After being stuck inside for so long, I’ve started recording the snow and everyone around my house who has gotten stuck. After we got my moms car back in the driveway, I saw my neighbor try to leave to head off to work as well…and she got stuck..

In the end, she left her car there…


4 thoughts on “Death of the Snowman

  1. *is crying*

    —-The car scene reminds me of the 101 dalmatians, when Cruella is stuck in the snow at one point. Mwahaha.

  2. flyingcripsi: haha I haven’t watched that movie in ages!

    renaye: chocolate sounds like a good idea =) happy holidays!

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