Frustrations of snow

The snow is coming down like crazy here. I haven’t seen snow like this in my entire life. Some years…it would snow maybe just 2-3 days and only a few inches..but this year…it’s been going a week strong and it’s ridiculously thick.

It’s funny to see everyone’s points of view. Everyone in tropical weathered countries and places are saying how lucky we are for having snow, but it’s the complete opposite here…. For us, I can guarantee you that everyoneee I know here is wishing for the snow to stop. We all agreed that having 1-2 days of it is nice and fun..but a solid week and continuing? It’s ruining everyone’s plans….Some people are stuck and can’t return home for Christmas break, public transportation becomes unbelievably unreliable, tons of my plans have been canceled, accidents  become prevalent,  traffic has drastically increased, etc etc etc..

Oy….Yesterday after trying to  leave a store with a ridiculously icy parking lot, I ended up giving up and finding a different exit. The exit was on a little hill and I noticed that tons of cars were able to get out, but when I tried, my car would only slide backwards and sideways….luckily the car behind me gave a TON of room..I ended up reversing after a few minutes of trying to climb up and leaving through a different exit >____< I feel bad for my mom too because she has to drive in this weather to work and shes scared to death of it. I wake up early every morning trying to help by scraping her windows from the snow and ice plus warming up her car before she leaves…>__<  Yesterday she was almost hit by 2-3 cars, and almost got into 1 accident herself because no one could come to a stop due to the extreme ice that has been developing. And as for my aunt, her business has been getting really little business since no one wants to go out to shop…Oh, and now there are power outages at some of my friends places near by…. and it’s about -5degrees C right now on average…

Last night I had to cancel a bunch of plans due to a blizzard and just ended up staying inside and watching stuff on my computer. A lot of my friends are saying this is one of the worst and more boring winter breaks since no one can meet up oy…….. We have at LEAST 1 foot of snow from the blizzard last night and there aren’t signs of stopping right now.

My mom parked her car around 8pm..and I took this photo around midnight. This is a result of 4 hours in the snow flurries. Can you spot my snowman?

I took this picture in the you can see..the 3rd bottom ball is completely covered.’s still snowing like crazy, even though the photo doesn’t show it.

This really making this complicated…even though a bunch of friends have come back from their far away schools, no one can meet up because it’s impossible to leave the house or invite ppl over because of the dangers. I’m getting really frustrated…The grass is always greener on the other side huh?

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe! especially if you’re driving! (haha all my recent post have been about snow….but it’s basically consumed my life now…dang this turned out bad)

Click >here< to see a video as to how much it’s actually snowing. I recorded this just a few moments ago.


4 thoughts on “Frustrations of snow

  1. what kind of shop does your aunt have? I know how you feel though..I want to be back home for Christmas 😦 hopefully it will clear up by Wednesday, but I highly doubt it…

  2. anthony: ahh..that sucks… safe drivings to you!

    brian: yea…and for me’s no longer about driving and sliding..I’m worried about getting stuck.. we have at least 11inches of snow

    lilly: i hope you can make it home! =(

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