Mr. Snowman

After the frustration and bordem of being trapped inside because of the snow, Jane and I decided to get together and play in it! Playing in snow alone…just isn’t fun, so we decided to meet up and Janeemebe drove over (luckily she lives close..although…it was still dangerous haha. thanks for driving!)

The snow around us was mostly untouched and super fluffy! Making a snowman in fluffy snow is a LOT harder than it looks btw… It took us forever to roll the balls for it! Here is the result =]

My neighborhood; right in front of my house. oh! and although you can’t see it in the photos, it was snowing the entire time we were playing in it.

Janeemebe rolling the snowball

After breaking a branch off, we gave him arms

I went inside to find him a scarf, and in that time, Janeebeme gave him eyes, nose and hair =)


Besides when I go snowboarding or sledding, it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten a chance to play in snow =) and boy was it fun. As long as I don’t have school or work, and have the company of friends and family, snow can be pretty fun.


5 thoughts on “Mr. Snowman

  1. flyingcrispi: oh man, I seriously laughed reading your comment =)

    renaye: ahh…i should feel very fortunate. Where I live, it’s known to be really good for the variety of terrain and weather, from urban to rural, to snow to sun.

    lilly: yeaa! and its suppose to snow even more either tonight or sunday…………

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