Snowing to no end

This past week has been extremely cold. It snowed Saturday night and the snow hasn’t melted at all since temperatures have been from -8 degrees Celsius to perhaps 0 degrees Celsius at a high. The roads have been extremely icy and difficult to drive on for me….oy..I feel trapped in my house.

Since I have no real priorities now that I’m on winter break (and my part time job is a campus job dependent on classes being in session), I am stuck at home. I usually would go out and about but the thought of driving in the ice and snow makes my heart race…so instead I have stayed at home for the most part, limiting my driving. It snowed a bit last night again..stopped in the morning..and then around 3-4pm, it started to come down like crazy! So I decided to take a series of consecutive photos =) If I’m stuck inside, I might as well enjoy it right?

From left to right

Photo 1- 4:37pm
Photo 2- 5:04pm
Photo 3- 5:09pm
Photo 4- 5:23pm

Photo 1- 5:39pm
Photo 2- 5:56pm
Photo 3- 6:01pm
Photo 4- 6:55pm

Ok..I’m suppose to be doing family things! until next time!


10 thoughts on “Snowing to no end

  1. Are you complaining about snow? srsly? This is so frustrating! I don’t get to have snowball fights, I don’t get to make snowmen, I don’t get to not go to school because the roads are blocks. I do sound like a two year old, but the last time it snowed in my town, it was 5 yeaars ago, and there was like 1mm of it.
    Please, enjoy the snow!!!!!!

  2. flyingcrispi: lol i think the grass is greener on the other side. When I was younger I always anticipated snow..but now that I’m older it’s just way too restricting. I love snow when I’m in the mountains so I can go sledding and snowboarding, but when it’s in the streets, it’s really limiting since I can’t go anywere haha I think it’s gorgeous but…ehhh haha

  3. Yeahhhh, it’s snowing here too! Getting trapped in Pullman. I’m not sure if I want snow or not. When it’s not snowing it’s -20 degrees celsius. When it is snowing, it’s like -5 😦

  4. Jfo: your grass is whiter. =)
    I’m an interior person (my record is not leaving home for 12 days) so I don’t think I would mind being confined in a house (as long as internet is with me and I have food).

  5. “but when it’s in the streets, it’s really limiting since I can’t go anywere”

    yeah you can, think Initial D!!! I know you can do it. Do it! You know you want too… lol

  6. Anthony: it’s -5degrees F? or C?? that is ridiculous. Are you coming back at all then? prob not? lol I never watched initial D..but I know I wont do it lol

    flyingcrispi: 12 days inside? ahh..I think i go nuts after 2 days.. I have to roam..even if I dont intend on going anywhere, just knowing that I can’t makes me want to leave even more haha

  7. matthew: you should really…stop drifting lol

    anthony: thats crazy! it dropped to 13degrees F here..SOO cold..i can’t imagine -5..are you sure!?

  8. 100%. It was -4 on Tuesday, not 5 actually. It’s been warming up, so right now it’s

    3 °F
    Windchill: -4 °F
    Humidity: 92%

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