Movie Review: Eorin Shinbu / My Little Bride

As of today, I am official done with my final exams! yay! My finals seem to go pretty well this quarter…but I guess I can’t really judge yet until I get my scores back…haha O well..anyhoo here is a movie review as promised! This is definitely on my list of movies-to-buy.

Eorin shinbu 어린 신부  My Little Bride


Due to a pact  made by two grandparents, Boeum (Moon Geun Young) , an 15 year old high school girl and Sangmin (Kim Rae Won) a 21 year old senior art-student in college are arranged to marriage. Although they oppose the idea at first, they end up marrying and a comedic-comedy unfolds from there as the two try to continue their normal lives while being married and living together.


My Little Bride comes off as really odd and difficult to accept story since it is about the arranged-marriage between at 15 year old and a 21 year old, however, as you continue to watch the movie, you begin to love the story as the pieces fall together and the age gap begins to dwiddle through maturity. Yes, it’s your typical comedic-romance of cliche-ness that will have you figuring out this movie in no time, but at the same time, the movie is so well done that you just have to enjoy it. Not only do you grow to love the story line of the “naughty-pervert” Sangmin and teenage girl Boeum, but you’ll be laughing the entire time at the crazy antics that occur. As childhood friends growing up, you can see the developments of their relationship throughout the movie with a great twist of comedy and romance. Both great actors and a wonderful heartwarming story without the frustrating side stories that drive you mad. Some might think it’s too cliche, but it had me pleasantly surprised as to how much I enjoyed it.

My rating: 9/10
Should you watch it? If you like cliche, romantic comedies, this is the perfect movie for you =)

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Want to watch the movie? Well you can find it streaming on Mysoju by clicking >here<

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8 responses to “Movie Review: Eorin Shinbu / My Little Bride

  1. ah! i’ve seen this movie. in fact, i own it! i liked it a lot and have probably seen it a million times. just too funny :]

    i recommend 200 pound beauty & my tutor friend cause they’re also really good!

  2. Linh

    you’re too asian.

  3. didi

    definitely one of my favorites… ♥

  4. Jfo

    lilly: hahah I’ve seen my tutor friend, but not 200 pound beauty yet, I’ll def get on that though =)

    Linh: don’t be jealous that my asian-ness just radiates

    didi: I’m glad I got to watch it =D now…I must start on other things such as heroes season 2 lol

  5. Anonymous

    ds movie z ma fav

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