A new beginning

Sometime in November, an internship opportunity came up and I decided to take a stab at it. Just applying to the internship was ridiculously difficult as I had to meet with the campus liaison and do several edits on my applications, which consisted of an essay, my resume, 2 recommendation letters, a placement statement and my transcript. After 3-4 revisions, several emails, and 3 meetings I got my application approved on the day the application was due.

Well…I had given up all hope on this internship since the level of competition seemed a bit too high and I had a big hunch that my odds seem slim. I thought I had been eliminated the first round, but yesterday I got a phone interview and was completely caught off guard and unprepared. Then today, I got a missed call and a letter indicating my acceptance to the program!

What is this program? Well it is the U.S.- China Bilateral Trade Internship Program, which is ran through The Washington Center and sponsored by Boeing =) 10 students from 3 universities in China are selected, and 10 from 3 universities in the U.S.

What does this mean? This means that I will be taking 2 quarters off of school and at the end of January I will be leaving to Washington DC and returning mid-May. Most of the cost will be covered by Boeing through a scholarship that accommodates for airfare, housing, health insurance and I will also be receiving a stipend.

I received the acceptance when I checked my email in class today and was really frustrated because I couldn’t freak out about it while listening to lecture hahah

Although I did get accepted..there are still many things I have to do before things get rolling…and I still have 1-2 more interviews to pass and many papers to fill….

Well…here is to…a new beginning!

Oh! and thanks to everyone who believed in me! I’m gonna need all the moral support I can get these next few months. There is still 1more big thing I’m hoping for..so hopefully..I can update about this internship opportunity soon..in the meantime..I’ll leave you pondering…. =)


12 thoughts on “A new beginning

  1. Oh man…Thank you everyone for your kind words! It’s always so nice hearing from everyone =) I will try my best! you guys absolutely rock =D

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