Here comes the holidays

This past weekend has been filled with fun and relaxing activities, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Watching movies, eating out, gathering around with friends for games and such put me at ease =)

Recently, I have only been watching good movies, I’ll try to put out a movie review…but it won’t be anytime soon since final exams are a week away. Two absolutely AWESOME movies I’ve seen lately are: Invisibile Children and My Little Bride. Both are completely different genres..if anything PLEASE at LEAST watch Invisible Children.

After a fun Thanksgiving holiday and doing some shopping on Black Friday, Brian and I decided it’d be fun to go check out a holiday activity and got Janeemebe, Dianne and Adrian to join us in the tree lighting celebration near town =)

When we arrived to the event, they started the celebrations by having local middle schoolers in jazz band perform some songs.

So it’s not a great photo of the tree…but o well… After the middle school band, christmas carollers sang us beautiful songs and then Santa came on stage! then the tree was lit!

I love surprises =)

Well here comes the holidays! It’s amazing how fast it came! To wishing everyone a great start to the holidays! Cheers!


4 thoughts on “Here comes the holidays

  1. thank u for the bday wish! 🙂

    i love the xmas tree.. i hope xmas comes fast and wont go away. hehehe…
    everywhere i go, i can hear the xmas songs..
    so pretty~!!

    good luck on your finals. 🙂

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