Onward to Finals and a Beginning

As of today, I am officially done with the quarter and all is left are Final exams….I have 1 final exam Dec 4th..1 Dec 8th, 1 on Dec 9th, and the last one on Dec. 10th. ..Until then though…I have finished the petty work that is in the way of cramming for my exams, whooey! I JUST finished my last 8-page paper like 5 minutes ago and damn does it feel good. I am scared to death for finals but let’s hope for the best.

Oh..and how could I forget…Thanksgiving weekend! Thursday and Friday off =D how awesome! This quarter has gone pretty fast…and there is still so much to do.

Let’s do an introduction to something new and still in the very early stages of development. My friend Janeemebe and I are still in the midst of everything but we both have a goal of joining forces toward creating a Non-Profit Organization called GOinspire. Ever since returning from our travels and volunteer work in Vietnam together with Emili, we saw that a difference needed to be made. We are 2 passionate, but busy college students with a dream of creating a movement and helping the youth in need in other countries in order to achieve a higher standard of living and obtain better education (more details later). Slowly since September, we have been in the midst of getting the ball going and it’s been really difficult with the busy days of school, homework, test, and just having a life though…. The goal for this Winter Break is to launch a website with everything that we (or mostly Jane) have formalized.

(I stole that photo above from one of Janeemebe’s beta button designs for our NPO- Sorry for not asking pal!)

Monks from Leaf Temple (Chua La) in Vietnam surrounding Janeemebe’s laptop

Ky Quang Temple in Vietnam

Ky Quang Temple in Vietnam

YuCai Primary School in China

Although nothing tangible or concrete is up in the air yet, I’m hoping to gather support from everyone across the globe! Please look forward to future progress of GOinspire.



4 thoughts on “Onward to Finals and a Beginning

  1. WOw! Already almost done with the quarter?! That’s nuts… time has just gone by so fast … Only 2 more quarter left! Well I am totally in support of GOinspire and look forward to seeing it grOW!

    Good Luck with Finals Week!

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