Handy Me

Right before my trip to Vietnam this year in June, my laptop started having problems…the screen would flicker and dim to such an extreme that it would almost be impossible to see. Luckily though, it barely ever came up and it never became problematic until this past month. Earlier this month, it reached a point that I just couldn’t do a single thing with it..and it was temperamental too because other times it would work just fine if I just turned it off for a bit and turn it back on..wth? Well, in fear that the screen would eventually die on me, I diagnost the problem and found that the inverter in my screen was bad and needed to be replaced, so I ordered a new one online.

RIGHT after I bought the inverter though…the problem never occurred again. I was a bit bothered but happy at the same time! I ONLY use my laptop for school and travel purposes, so it wouldn’t be a complete lost…but it’d make school pretty darn inconvenient.

Well, I recieved the part in the mail sometime this past week and thought that I wouldn’t need it and just set it aside. The next day…the screen started to flicker again…apparently the inverter knows how to tease me….I used the laptop throughout the rest of the week and although it flickered a bunch…it’d eventually just work normally if I was patient..However…when I went to use it today it just didn’t work…it was just DIM…and impossible.

I needed my laptop really bad too, since it has all my updated notes from class..so I went ahead and replaced the inverter on my own with little aid of my brother =D Handy me!

I took off the jelly things, unscrewed it, my bro unplugged the old inverter (white), and I put the new one in an reassembled!

New inverter plugged in!

I even put it back into place without any loose ends =)

I was putting this off fearing that it would be difficult and matters would only get worse, especially since taking apart laptops and such is always iffy…but lucky me it was an easy job and I didn’t need to buy a new lappy =D


9 thoughts on “Handy Me

  1. i could have done that with my eyes closed in 30 seconds…or i could have just called you in 30 seconds and super-css-girl could come to my aid!

  2. brian: Ha…i really doubt I can fix many other things. this was so random haha

    Aozaki: thanks! i had no idea I was going to just jump into it and actually be able to put it back in 1 piece haha

    janeemebe: so far..so good…

    linh: lol, I’m CSS not computer tech! PshSH

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