Movie Review: Ai No Kotodama / Words of Devotion

Yay! I’ve made an actual post that’s something besides empty words and pointless ranting lol. I try to write more movie reviews..but I haven’t had the time to watch any movies  haha..oh how that doesn’t work….anyhoo, enjoy!

Ai No Kotodama 愛の言霊 (Words of Devotion)


Ootani and Tachibana have been inseperable ever since high school. After graduating and confessing their love for each other, they begin living with each other happily. However, their pleasant future together becomes rocky when they end up meeting Yuki, an old female high school friend. Jealously, insecurity and suspicion begins to fall on the their relationship as Ootani fears that Tachibana will choose Yuki, a female, instead of him.

Movie Review:

Ai No Kotodama is a simple and easygoing movie about love and friendship between two males. The two main characters have 2 completely different personalities; Ootani is outgoing and lively, while Tachibana is more reserved. The relationship between the two is very natural and cute, and as you watch the movie, the overall mood is pretty happy, even in hard times, making this an easy watch. Another highlight of this movie is the acting. Both characters are VERY convincing and fitting for their roles. Oh, and due to my lack of knowledge with boy/girl names in Japanese, I had no idea this was a movie about gay love. It wasn’t until a few moments into the movie that I caught on hahaha… overall, this is a sweet and easy going movie. I don’t give this movie a very high rating though because it wasn’t anything extravagant that left me wanting more. It was a simple story, that just flowed and was expected.

My rating: 5/10
Should you watch it? It’s a realistic movie that’s sweet. There are a few, short “love” scenes in here that are done tastefully, but if it makes you uncomfortable, this isn’t for you, otherwise it’s a cute film.

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