Ahh! what’s going on!

For the first time in over a year…I didn’t write a blog in over a week (not counting when I was on all of my trips).

What’s going on!?!? It’s not just that I have nothing to write..because surely I do..but everything I want to write..will take a lot of time out of my day…and for some reason, this quarter has been killing me with all these stupid essays. I feel like I’ve been writing nonstop essays. I am highly looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend and the wonders of the holidayss =D

I’m VERY irritated that I haven’t had time to write some decent posts recently….whether it’s a movie review or SOMETHING…heck… I haven’t even taken any decent pictures lately either. What has my world come to?

Hopefully…I will have something better to write next post.

As for right now…I am at work and about to head over to class. I’m starving!!



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9 responses to “Ahh! what’s going on!

  1. i feel exactly the same way… i’m backlogged on thoughts all the way since.. april.. haha.

  2. I know how you feel except with a photoblog, we are all just too busy with out lives. But there is always time to catch up. I’m looking forward to the festivities also!

  3. take it easy! it’s ok not to blog everyday.

  4. i will try to take a picture of my jacket once it’s done.

    the box is under the printer table which is behind my table.

  5. ah i know what you mean about writing papers non-stop this quarter. i’ll try to update often too :]

  6. i know what u mean. i forgot the last time i actually made entries on my blog. i used to postpone half written entries and tell myself that i’ll come back to them on a later time and complete them…but it never happens. days turns into weeks and weeks turns into months.

  7. pls come to my blog to collect ur gift.

  8. janeemebe

    i feel like ive been writing non-stop these last two weeks too 😦 blah

  9. Jfo

    didi: since april…………lol good luck on that one

    brian: I have no idea how i blogged sooo regularly last year..it’s quite bothersome. The holiday season will nice

    renaye: haha..yeaa i know i dont need to blog everyday, but i also have the urge..its just finding the time

    lilly: stupid harrells class!!! 3 big papers…wth? thats A LOT. dude i didnt go to class MW…dun dun dun

    dylan: long time no see/talk! you have died from the bloggin world!

    janeemebe: i’m seriously exhausted from writing, and damn that lady is not making it any easier.

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