One Year In The Making

Not only is today the big election day (in which case I hope our country chooses wisely…I put my vote in..did you?), but November 4th marks the 1-year anniversary since I’ve shifted my blog to wordpress! It’s amazing how time flies =)

I haven’t been very proactive on my blogs since my return from China ..but I’m still trying my best with the busy schedule of school, work and having a social life =)

It’s been 1 year in the making and my blog went from 270 some views in November to about ~2,000 views a month on average. People are always finding my blog through my movie reviews, vacations/trips, current event posts, and my o-so often random posts of whatever is on my mind. I always find it really amusing how people stumble upon my blog and find it of interest since it’s mostly about me haha =) Thank you everyone for an excellent year of blogging! I will try my best to keep it updated, and same goes for the photos I take!

Please look forward to another wonderful year of blogs and photos!



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6 responses to “One Year In The Making

  1. flyingcrispi

    Joyeux anniversaire à ton blog! (=happy birthday to ur blog!)
    I wish you good luck with everything you want to do, and I will most definitely “look forward to another wonderful year of blogs and photos!”

  2. I don’t believe I’ve been around long enough to see a complete year, but I’m also looking forward to the next year also. and yes happy one year anniversary to your blog. Keep it up!

  3. i mailed my ballot in!! but we do not get an “I VOTED” sticker for that… sad.

    and yay to pressing more words ;p


  4. hey~ dear, i’m terribly giving my by salute to u. when i’m busy (of course like NOW and i hate it so much) i don’t have any mood to update mine. and it’s such an irresponsible act maybe.
    but u’ve done well~ your entries also has always amazed me 😀

    i’ll come back to life sooon~! will catch up with what i’ve missed ^^


  5. Jfo

    flyingcrispi: why thank you! It’s always fun hearing from you, I’ll def be looking out on your blog as well =)

    Brian: yay! 1 year went by so crazy. and theres soo much more to look forward too.. I have lots of bloggin head of me haha

    didi: yay, you got your voice out. more words, more stories, more tall tales, more events, more of everything

    momo_chen: haha I was just thinking about your absence recently, so its funny that you commented! hope you’re doing well, thanks for always dropping by

  6. Lilly

    hot girl in the rear view mirror damnnnn

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