Current Events: History at its finest

Well…my vote was for Obama and damn am I happy. This is history at its finest.

Obama on his Presidential Acceptance Speech 2008: “change has come for America”


We have overcome many obstacles as a nation to get to where we are today, let’s look forward to a brighter future.



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7 responses to “Current Events: History at its finest

  1. janeemebe

    a momentous moment. i am so happy 🙂

  2. flyingcrispi

    I’m now praying very hard he doesn’t get killed by some racist nutjob.

  3. Jfo

    Janeemebe: man….I can’t even express how amazing it is =D

    Brian: yay! let’s hope for some good changes

    flyingcrispi: you know….I am awfully scared of that for him and his family too..and even the colored community….let’s hope these next 4 years go smoothly. Obama has a lot of pressure on him, especially with all the downfalls that Bush left behind. I’m not hoping for a miracle because it won’t happen in 4 years, but I’m hoping for a change for the better =)


  5. we r going to see new history in the making! let’s watch it!

  6. u listen to WaT too?! really?! i’m a big fan of them just because they look cute. HAHA.

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