The Colors

For the first time in a long time, I’ve appreciated the various colors that the Fall season brings us. Everywhere I look while I’m driving, walking around, on campus, and so on and so forth, the beautiful colors just stun me. Even if I’m in a rush somewhere when I’m at school,  I’ll completely stop to just look at the colorful leaves that have fallen.

Why haven’t I noticed these colors before? hmm…I think it’s because it’s actually been really sunny outside lately. Instead of running from building to building when I’m at school trying to shield myself from the chilly winds and cold rain, I can actually walk through the brisk campus and enjoy the variety of colors.

I went everywhere throughout Seattle today with Christina and Jane =) we got to enjoy the finer moments of Fall.

I took this picture on Campus with my phone =)

Before the leaves all fall off the trees, try to take your time and take in the wonders of mother nature.


4 thoughts on “The Colors

  1. symons: haha yeaa, have you noticed how colorful fall has been before? for some reason, I haven’t until now really.

    anonymous: lol…perhaps i should get into advertising? do i know who this is btw?

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