What next?

This school year is going a little too fast…and yet too slow. It is my final year in college and I honestly don’t know what to do when I’m done. I have a lot of “plans” but nothing settled to set in motion.

Shall I stick around and look long and hard for a job? Assuming I can find an awesome one within 6 months of graduation? Shall I go to China and learn Chinese? Go to Vietnam to do a minor job, volunteer and work on an NPO that Janeemebe are in the midst of starting? Perhaps travel back to Japan with Emili and enjoy myself? Take a few months off and travel, plus gain experience?

There are so many maybes on my mind. I have a lot of contemplation to do and things I have to finalize. As much as I want school to hurry…I’m also hoping it’d slow down.

Sometimes I think I’m growing up too fast! The days have only been getting better as time goes by but dang..what’s next after this?

I’m slowly getting my groove back btw! Photos from my China trip are slowly getting uploaded! altho..my blogging isn’t really up to par anymore.. o well..I have a midterm today, and one on Friday, wish me luck!



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10 responses to “What next?

  1. Symons

    Yeah I know the feeling about what to do after college. I’m in the same boat.

    Good luck on your midterms!

  2. Anonymous

    at least you have some possibilities even if you don’t know quite what you’re doing! i have no clue what is to come after college =0P you’ll do fine though, no worries

    • This is actually fancisating, You’re a very skilled doodlekit. Ive became a member of your own feed and look forward to looking for much more of your own wonderful post. Additionally, Ive discussed your website during my internet sites!

  3. Meesha

    at least you have some possibilities even if you don’t know quite what you’re doing! i have no clue what is to come after college =0P you’ll do fine though, no worries

  4. Meesha

    lol— oops! didn’t mean to post the same thing twice =0)

  5. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR MIDTERMS! I get to see you in harrels class tomorrow –> yay….

  6. i envy ur options. if only i can just go traveling without thinking of money.

  7. Jfo

    symons: haha, I guess this next 1-2 years will be an interesting once for us

    Meesha – lol silly.. true, it’s always nice having options =) i know you’ll do fine after college too, esp since you already have a real job! even tho it’s only temp for you

    lilly: thanks! dude..I might even take harrells class again next quarter… dun dun dun

    renaye: haha…that’s why I’m broke! my part time job only goes so far, but I’ve learned to leap on opportunities and do whatever I can to go. I’ll worry about having a lot in my savings later in life.

  8. Anonymous

    you can be my personal assistant without pay…help me remain un-crazy.

  9. i hate being broke but still i don’t seem to have the boost to work hard for my part time job.

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