Losin’ the groove

Many of you already know, but this past year, and particularly this past summer for me has been absolutely amazing. Just in summer alone was I was fortunate enough to get to go to Vietnam, Thailand and China =D and even during spring break in March, I went to Japan! It’s been a very Asian year haha.

Well school started for me on Wednesday, Sept. 24th and gee golly..it’s been quite difficult to get back into this school mentality. Time to shape up and focus again! I haven’t even been consistent with my blogging! and I can’t even get motivated to go through my nicer scenic shots from my trip through Guilin, China.. I’m losing my groove guys!..hopefully I can get everything settled soon and pick up my good school and blogging habits again!

This past weekend I got to go watch my first Improv Show called Split Second Improv thanks to Brian! It was awesome! I seriously wish I had the talent and quick wits to do improv..buttt I suppose I should overcome my fear of public speaking first huh? haha

HmMm..I feel like this post has been pretty random, haha..o well..I felt like it was time to get back my blogging groove…and perhaps I’ll consider finishing up and getting motivated to post more about my China trip haha =D


8 thoughts on “Losin’ the groove

  1. I envy you, mainly because you had the privilege of visiting four countries in one year. How fun and exciting.. your photos from Guilin, China are great! I hope to visit there someday!

  2. Liang: This year has been reallly good to me..I’m broke as heck now, but every minute was well spent =D China is a beautiful place, you should definitely go if the opportunity arises

  3. It almost feels like summer had just ended and school just started but in fact it has been over two weeks for you already and almost 8 for me. You’ll get your groove back in no time! It’s always fun trying new things huh? =D

  4. this year has been so cool for you ne ❤
    it’s good u’ve been to the trip with no regrets 🙂
    going back to school mentality has never been easy for me. hehehe…

  5. Brian: ..time is really flying by..it’s quite scary! I think after starting on week 4 in school..my school mentality is sprouting finally lol

    Janeemebe: I miss summer too..it was seriously the best. I miss our monks 😦

    renaye: lol, I’m trying to take advantage of every opportunity that comes now…I’m poor as hell, but I’ll survive, plus I have amazing memories

    momo_chen: it has been such an awesome year! words can’t express how grateful i am for EVERYTHiNG. even to little things like you and everyone visiting my blog 🙂

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