Movie Review: Little DJ

Wow..It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a movie review! =D My summer has been packed with trips and now that I’ve started work and school again, it made my transition back into reality a bit more difficult. I’ve watched a bunch of movies while I’ve been gone so here goes!

Chiisana koi no monogatari 小さな恋の物語 (Little DJ)


Taro (Kamiki Ryunosuke) is a 12 year old boy from a small town that loves baseball and pretending to be a radio DJ. Due to a sickness, Taro is hospitalized and while there, he eventually becomes the lunchtime DJ at the hospital and changes the meloncholy beat at the hospital to a more light hearted one. Based on Onizuka Tadashi’s novel, Little DJ is a story about the reminiscents of young love and music.


Quick to capture your heart and attention, Little DJ is a gentle and sweet movie to watch. Main actor Kamiki Ryunosuke, who plays Taro, is a brilliant young actor with a bright future. The cute romance and feelings expressed in the movie bring light to the joy of being a child again. Some people might find Little DJ to be a typical story about a person in the hospital, but with the twist on music, romance of a girl who is a year older, and other side stories, Little Dj will no doubt, touch your heart. Honestly, I have no bad things to say about this movie, it was simply sweet and heartwarming. I think some might find it slow? but definitely not me.

My rating: 9/10
Should you watch it? Definitely. It seems like you’re typical story about incurable disease, but it’s very heartwarming.

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Nhatkyviet– 4.3/5
Imdb: 8.1/10

If you don’t have the movie and want to watch it streaming, click >here< to watch it on Crunchyroll.

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7 thoughts on “Movie Review: Little DJ

  1. Looks like a very intriguing movie with a classic theme. When i find the time i will have to check this out. Time is such a commodity now. BTW a tiny correction, you missed the “0” on your IMDB rating. Maybe 8.1/10?? heh. Glad to see your reviews again. ttyl!

  2. i dont understand the response from the movie review person above ^.

    anyway hm ill have to look into this movie it seems. you should review 100 days with mr. arrogant!

  3. i didn’t think it was slow at all. i was glad to see that the tone was on the warm and uplifting side instead of the doomsday angst…. and what story with an upbeat radio show was ever too slow anyway? 😉 btw, do you recognize the girl as the one from “the queen’s classroom”?

  4. Brian: you should definitely watch it! I seriously lovedd this movie!

    Janeemebe: it was some stupid site that linked my review to theirs. you definitely need to watch this, and actually, I just reviewed 100 days with mr. arrogant, I just have published it haha

    symons: well??! how did you think of it? lol perhaps I’m just a sap for these kinds of movies, but I loved it.

    didi: =D yeaa, most these movies don’t tend to be too happy, so it was quite fun watching. lol I didn’t recognize the girl! but then again..I still haven’t finished that it’s hard for me to differentiate the kids haha

  5. i loved this movie. very sweet indeed =)
    maybe because i love these kind of movies ^^ all heart-warming and moving.
    have you watched Yasashii Jikan (jdrama)? that’s really good as well!

  6. Bloomin_: yeaaa it was such a good movie. I haven’t seen Yashahii jikan or even heard of it! I’ll definitely look into it, thank you =)

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