My days in Guilin: Part 1 – Days 1-7

Guilin is a beautiful City from top to bottom. The people are kind, the food is tasty, and the scenery is just to die for. I attended and stayed at Guangxi Normal University in Guilin, which is a huge school. Our month there was ridiculously busy!

On Tuesday and Thursday, we would have Chinese (language) classes for 2 hours and then afterward we would each have 30minute individual lessons with a teacher. I was in the 1st year class, which consisted of just me and other guy, while the others were in the 2nd and 3rd year class. Compared to the others, I didn’t have that much homework, so I got pretty darn lucky.

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we would have cultural lessons for 2 hours and learn things such as  Chinese music, education, ethnic minorities, medicine, and so on and so forth.  After each lesson we would venture off and go to a place that had something to do with what we had just learned. For instance, on the day we learned about Chinese education, we got to see the pre-school before class, and then after class and lunch we ventured off to see the local Primary school and High School =D

Well…I always find it ridiculously difficult to summarize things, so I’ll just do everything in order, but super briefly. I won’t post a lot of my photos on this blog because I think it’s overwhelming, but check out my Flickr to see more =D

First week:

On the first night we arrived, we arrived in Beijing and stayed in this nice hotel that was usually used for officials and such. All of us were tired and worn out after staying up so long, but we still stayed up until the night time so that wouldn’t be jet lagged =D Dinner that night included 17 dishes….and we barely ate any of it since it was only like 4am in the morning at home >__< Afterwards, we watched the Closing Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics! Even though everyone was strangers, we all piled into my room and watched it. By 8-9pm though, everyone was falling asleep =)

2nd day- Monday- We arrived in Guilin. We had a dinner banquet and just got settled.

International Dorm- We had our classes here too!

The dorm I shared with my awesome roommate Cindy! Keep in mind…ONLY our dorm looked like a hotel. We were on the 10th floor, which was the nicest. All the actual Chinese dorms were like crowded jail cells. We were spoiled. I know. =)

Night view of campus from my window

As I was looking outside, I heard fireworks and ran out my room for a different view =)

3rd day- Tuesday- Had our first Chinese (language class) and then went to Reed Flute CaveElephant Trunk Hill (the symbol of Guilin), and the night Market downtown

Reed Flute Cave

Elephant Trunk Hill- There are 22 of us in the group.

Night market- These little red stands went on foreverrr

We split off into small groups and went shopping

4th Day- Wednesday- Had a lecture on Chinese Calligraphy and then went to 7 Star Park, which had a cave with inscriptions from way back when.

This cave had tons of inscriptions all over the place! Click >here< to see it closer.

My class =D

So after seeing the awesome inscriptions which were made hundreds of years ago..the rest of the Park was filled with random knock-offs of things like Pokemon, Power Rangers, etc, etc.

We got to see a Panda! Although…it was sad because it was living in a crappy concrete place. There was an outside area that was nice..but why was it locked inside? rawr

5th day- Thursday- Chinese class- Roamed campus with Steven- Tried out a bunch of tea.

After Chinese class, Steven and I had a lot of free time before our individual lessons for Chinese, so we roamed campus and took photos. This was right off campus.

Those stairs are the seating for viewing the Track Field

Guilin’s fresh air and blue skies

I was taking a bunch of night shots and then eventually I got a big group of our class to line up and do this =)

6th day-Friday-  Chinese Art Lesson- There are 3 campuses, and we went to the Campus that focus in Art, and look at some of the art gallery.

7th- Saturday- Li River Cruise, shopped in Yangshuo, and went biking. The bus ride back to the dorm this day was about 2.5 hours long.

Small view from the boat ride =D

Steven, Natalie and Cindy enjoying the amazing view

Shopping on West Street =) SOO many good deals and stuff

We got to go biking! others shopped while a group of us biked the beautiful path.

Once we reached our destination, this was our view =)

Have I overwhelmed you yet? haha we didn’t have a single day of free time. Everyday was planned and packed, but it was definitely worth it. Stay tuned for the rest of my trip! Oh, and unfortunately, I’m not gonna go into thorough details of the events and such because there is just wayy too much, but just keep in mind that I was laughing a lot on this trip =D

Oh..if you’ve kept up with my flickr…this will get repetitive! Once I’m done with these summaries..I will be reviewing movies again..and lemme tell you..there are A LOT.


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