I have returned

After 25+ days in China without blogging, alas, I am here =) Did you guys miss me? My apologies for not replying to any post and etc, but I’ve been so very limited on time! I just got back to the US like 5 hours ago and am currently in the process of washing clothes, putting everything away, and sorting photos =)

I will go into detail later, but as for now, here are some of the latest photos that I have not posted. As most of you may very well know, my blog was not accessible in China, so I resorted to just posting on Flickr, so hopefully some people have kept up and read my small commentary on there yea?

Overall, my trip was pretty awesome. I love Guilin, from the people, to the fresh air, to the scenery. I love it all. These photos below are from Guilin and Beijing =) It might be another few days or longer before I can sort everything thing out since I have so much catching up to do now that I am back, PLUS, I start school next Wednesday…argh >____<

7:00am in Guilin. View from my dorm.

Longji Terraces in Guilin

Working the Terraces

Some of the coolest cats ever

A fun day: Going to the terraces, Moon Festival, International student performance, getting our certificates from Guangxi Normal University, and my birthday =)


Forbidden City yo

Bird’s Nest

Ok, that is all for now…I miss blogging haha buttt…I think I miss China more =)


11 thoughts on “I have returned

  1. It looks as if each trip you have always gets better and better. The photos you have taken are just stunning. Glad to see that your back, and I hope to hear your stories. ttyl!

  2. I owe you dinner. I had no idea you got back, for some reason I thought you don’t get back until end of October… but now that wouldn’t make sense! Glad you are back as well!!

  3. hey. welcome home ❤
    and, happy so so so belated birthday. i knew it was your birthday, but i just had no idea whr to send my wishes.

    your pics are amazing. aah i wanna go china also~!!
    okaeri ❤

  4. Brian: Thank youu =D You still haven’t heard all my stories!

    Anthony: We have a LOT to catch up on!

    didi: it’s good to be back, but dang..I miss it China. Time for the Philippines yea?

    momo_chen: Thank you!! You should go to China! It’s completely AMAZING.

    flyingcrispi: Thank you! I’ve been soo busy since I’ve been back..ahh it’s good to blog again tho

    janeemebe: we have lots of traveling to do

    renaye: China is awesome! You’ve been to Guilin though right? it’s awesome. I love it.

    Symons: China is awesome, you should DEFINITELY go.

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